Who Wants an iPad?!? {Giveaway}

Yep, you read that correctly! Though I think a better question might be “who doesn’t want an iPad?” This is one giveaway that you’ll definitely be crossing all of your fingers and toes for!
We had so much fun with our Silhouette giveaway a few weeks ago that I’ve teamed up again with the fabulous ladies of Mindy Mae’s Market, The Pinterest Project, That’s What Che Said and Unique By U {At Home} to bring you this fantastic giveaway. Like last time, this is not a sponsored post, but something that we all pitched in from our own pocketbooks to help bring to our readers – because we {love} and appreciate you all!  

Here’s a little bit more about my lovely co-sponsors:

Hi!  I’m Cheryl!  It’s so nice to meet you!  I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys and wife to a husband who is always travelling!  I am a chemical engineer by degree but have been enjoying every single minute of using my creative side of my brain while at home and then showing you all how I did it!  It gives me something to do during naptime…otherwise I’d just be napping myself J   I think ranch dressing is a food group and I can bend my thumb all the way backwards…anyone else weird like me? 

Hi, I’m Ursie! Since childhood I have always been knee deep in some sort of project . I love to tackle things from crafts with the kiddos to building our home. One of my favorite tools is the air nailer!!! I love thrift store shopping, going to rummage sales and scouring the clearance racks for amazing sales. I usually have more paint under my nails then on them!! I am a stay at home momma to 2 wonderful kiddos {and 1 chihuahua} and have a 3rd babe on the way. I have been happily married for 9 years and enjoy having a husband who fuels my creative mind and goes along with whatever crazy idea is brewing in my mind. Recentally I’ve turned a hobby of making home decor into a small business and am loving every minute of it.  Organizing life, making it beautiful and having fun along the way is my goal.

Hi!  We are Jamie & Miranda!  We have been friends for years – through marriages, moves, job losses, and kids – we’ve helped each other through it all with a little sarcasm, a lot of coffee (and I mean a LOT) and lately a lot of Pinterest.  
Jamie is married to Allen, a Civil Engineer who is in charge of the water planning model for the city of Charlotte. Jamie has one daughter, Macie who is 21 months old and they are expecting their second child in early April.  Miranda is married to Todd, lead pastor and consultant.  Miranda has 2 boys, Logan who is almost 12 and Beckett who is 17 months and a daughter, Lilia who is in heaven.  Miranda also has 2 stepsons, Justin & Jonathan.
Nikki is a master mom {literally, she has a masters degree and is a mom} she has 4 beautiful children and a handyman for a husband. Courtney is a wife and a control freak, she is married to a protector of the law {aka Police Officer}. Nikki and Courtney met in the strangest of events, which is quite fitting considering we’re both pretty strange 😉 We have a really unique relationship, and love {most} everything we’ve gone through together! We consider ourselves to be “partners” in every sense, except the one you’re thinking of 😉 {Business partners, partners in crime, you know..} We LOVE Mindy Mae’s Market and what it has become, we hope to continue to grow it, stay in touch with our fabulous fan base, and giveaway awesome things all the time!


Enough about us…go take a minute to enter the giveaway! Good luck!
  Winner will be announced on Monday, October 29th!


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    I already was subscribed to your site and enjoy it very much. I also like the rest of the groups’ sites too. We have been needing an iPad for awhile now since our grandson’s speech therapist said there are program apps he can do on the iPad that will help him with his speech. Thank you and the others in your group for doing this great giveaway~*~

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