Calling All Dog Loving Kids!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by 20 Dogs and offered a chance to review their new video for kids. Since my kids love animal videos, and Simon is especially enthralled with music and counting I thought that this might be perfect for them. I quickly said “yes, please,” and they were so nice that they sent t-shirts for all three of my boys as well. Look at how cute these shirts are! Sutton has worn his more times than should probably be possible in the time that he’s had it, but what can I say? He loves it.

The video features twenty different breeds of dogs, songs and lots of great educational facts about each kind of dog. Did you know that the white tip of a beagle’s tail can help hunters to locate their dogs when moving around in tall grass?..that St. Bernards can get up to 300 pounds!?…that dachshund means “badger dog” in German? This dvd is packed full of history, geography and trivia tidbits that my older boys found really interesting. The set also comes with a CD soundtrack that has become a popular fixture in my big boys’ cd player.

Simon is the biggest fan of 20 Dogs though. He brings me the dvd at least twice a day and wants to watch the show. I like that there is a menu option to watch the entire video or to just play the songs depending on his mood. Lately he’s been starting to really resist naptime, and I’ve found that putting on 20 Dogs for him is a great way to get him to lay down for some quiet time in the afternoon.

He’s SO content and happy to be watching “puppies.”  I just learned that the same company also produced a DVD and CD set called 20 Trucks, and I bet he would love that too…I’m adding it to his holiday wish list!
Thank you, 20 Dogs, for sending us such a fun package!










Disclaimer: I was sent this video at no cost to review; however, all opinions expressed are my own!


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