Glitter Deer Silhouette Canvas

2013 Update: Silhouette now makes a Double-Sided Adhesive Paper that makes this glittered deer silhouette project easier than ever! Check out my full tutorial to see how simple it is to use!

I’m changing up our holiday decorating theme this year, and instead of focusing on lots of bright colors and felt ornaments, I’m steering myself towards all things metallic and glittery (with a nature themed twist!). I’ve made a bunch of gilded gold and silver feathers that are going to look awesome on our Christmas tree, and I figured that I should probably make a few more metallic and sparkly decorations to help tie them together.

I started by spray painting a bunch of large pinecones metallic gold and silver. I have to wait until we break out the tubs with the rest of the holiday decorations to determine what I’m actually going to do with them, so for now they’re hanging out on every shelf, mantle and ledge space that I have available.

I saw this glittery deer head silhouette over at Under the Table and Dreaming, and I was inspired to create my own.

I started with a pre-painted black canvas and a vinyl deer silhouette that I cut with my Silhouette (you could easily cut this by hand with an Xacto blade as well). I chose to use an image of a full bodied deer even though I know that deer heads seem to be the most popular these days. Personally, I find just the heads to be kind of creepy, even in glitter form.

The tutorial I referenced used glue on cardstock to make their sparkly deer, but every time I’ve ever tried to apply a nice, smooth, even layer of glitter to a surface using glue it’s always been a bumpy and flaky disaster. I opted to adhere my glitter to the sticky side of the vinyl instead, just to be on the safe side. Make sure that the image is reversed since the back side will eventually become the front.

Spray the front/top side of the vinyl with spray adhesive and allow it to become tacky. Carefully peel the vinyl off of the backing and glue it to the center of the canvas. Pour on the glitter and tap off the excess. Finish with a coat or two of Mod Podge Super Gloss (or any acrylic sealer) to set the glitter and keep it from coming off.

Easy peasy! Honestly though, I’m a bit concerned about this metallic and glittery holiday obsession…I’m starting to look at everything in the house and wonder what might look better coated in gold spray paint and sparkles!



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