Kitchen Makeover Part One: Paint


You might have seen the teaser photo that I posted on Facebook last week when I decided on the spur of the moment that a new year was the perfect occasion for a fresh new kitchen makeover. Naturally, we started with new paint!

Our old kitchen paint color was my first lesson in “what worked at your old house might not be perfect for your new house.” When we moved into this house I really wanted to stick with the same colors that we had used in our old house, so we painted the kitchen Sherwin Williams’ Compatible Cream (which is really a buttery yellow). It actually looks a lot better in the “before” photo than it looked in person. The yellow color clashed with the cabinets and tile and didn’t allow for the moulding and doors to stand out and pop. Note to self: just because you adore your favorite color it doesn’t mean that it’s going to look fantastic on your walls!

We went with Martha Stewart’s Schoolhouse Slate for the new coat of paint, and it came out a lot more blue than we first thought. All that yellow made it look much more blue-green on the test swatches, and I was hoping it would have a bit more of a green tint than it actually does. It’s a little too dusty blue (ala my grandmother’s house) for my taste right now, but I think we can work with it. My husband really likes it, and I’m sure that I am not going to be able to convince him to help me paint up above those cabinets for a third time, so we’re rockin’ the Schoolhouse Slate.

I’d also love to paint my cabinets, but we had white cabinets once before, and I know how impossible it will be to keep them clean with three sets of little sticky boy fingers. Hopefully once we add cabinet hardware and new pendant lights over the bar and do something about those awful etched wheat pantry doors it will all start to come together!




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    I think it looks wonderful! I love the color that you chose. As for the white cabinets, I was steer away from them. Up until recently I had white cabinets in my kitchen and they show EVERYTHING, naturally that is only made worse by having kids that touch everything!

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    I also have white cabinets, and I am DYING to paint them out. Yup, little sticky finger smudges show up every single day. Yick.
    I love the new colour – kind of what I have in mind for my bedroom. Very serene :)

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