Blueberry & Banana Breakfast Parfaits

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These fun blueberry and banana breakfast parfaits are quick, easy, healthy and delicious! Topped with creamy yogurt, granola and flax seeds – YUM! 

yummy homemade yogurt parfaits

Breakfast Parfaits with Mountain High YoghurtAll it takes to create this simple healthy breakfast is a banana, blueberries, Mountain High Yoghurt, and your favorite granola! I prefer to use vanilla yoghurt in this recipe, but since my kiddos all like different flavors, I occasionally buy plain yoghurt, and let them flavor it themselves with vanilla bean paste/extract, honey or jam. I like to use Mountain High Yoghurt because it is high in protein, and a perfect way to start your day!

[Fun facts: Why Does Mountain High Yoghurt spell it “yogHurt?” Yoghurt or yogurt – both spellings can be found in the dictionary, but “yoghurt” is more similar to how the word is spelled in many European countries. Since it was first produced back in the 1970s, Mountain High Yoghurt has been made in the Old World way (it slowly turns into yoghurt while sitting in the cup), so their founders spelled yoghurt with an “h.” Today they consider the “h” to stand for healthy lifestyle or for the hundreds of ways you can use Mountain High Yoghurt to add nutrition to any recipe or meal!]

Breakfast Parfait IngredientsI started by flavoring our yoghurt with a bit of vanilla extract, and then adding a thin layer of yoghurt to the bottom of the parfait cups.

Berry Banana Granola Breakfast Parfaits Bananas and Blueberries in a Breakfast ParfaitTop the yoghurt layer with sliced bananas and blueberries.

Banana Blueberry Breakfast ParfaitsContinue to alternate layers of fruit and yoghurt until your parfait dish is full.

Blueberry and Banana Breakfast ParfaitsTop with a sprinkle of your favorite granola. My favorite is from our grocer’s bulk bins, and it’s packed full of flax and pumpkin seeds.

Banana and Bluberry Breakfast ParfaitBreakfast is served! Easy peasy!

blueberry banana breakfast parfaitThese breakfast parfaits are extremely kid-friendly, too! Bananas, blueberries and yoghurt with granola are a few of my 4-year-old’s favorite foods, so he polished off an entire parfait in about three minutes flat!

Banana Berry Granola Breakfast Parfaits

Blueberry Banana Granola Yogurt Breakfast ParfaitsFor even more delicious recipes and money-saving coupons, visit the Mountain High Yoghurt website, and give them a follow on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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Bluberry Banana Yogurt Breakfast Parfait Recipe


  1. I want to get some cute little parfait glasses like that! I went to BB&B thinking I’d find some but no dice. Where did you get them? We have been making several parfaits since it is a good summer treat. Banana and Blueberry makes a great combo!

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