Customized Pencil Pouch with Cricut Explore Air

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This cute customized pencil pouch is a quick and easy beginner project for the Cricut Explore Air cutting machine! Just add heat transfer vinyl, and your design options are nearly endless!

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glitter htv arrow pencil pouch made using cricut
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I recently received a big box of goodies from my friends at Cricut, and I couldn’t wait to start making awesome stuff! I had only used a Cricut cutting machine once before (when I spent an afternoon at Cricut headquarters last spring), but I have heard lots of great things about the Cricut Explore Air from my friends who are avid users.

the cricut explore air machine

When I unpacked my new Cricut Explore Air, I was super excited to discover that it has wireless cutting capability – woohoo! That means that I can use the power of bluetooth to connect my laptop to the machine without having to rely on bulky cords and wires. I can even sync it with the Cricut Design Space app on my iPhone!

cricut explore air dial settings

My most favorite thing about this machine is that you don’t have to worry about manually changing the blade depth or remembering which depth matches up to each material. With the Cricut Explore Air, you simply turn the dial to select the material that you are working with, and the machine takes care of the rest – easy peasy!

circuit explore air machine

To create my first project, a customized pencil pouch, I opened up the machine and opened up the Cricut Design Space on my computer.

cricut design shapes and images to use in program

The Cricut Design Space Image Library includes over 60,000+ images that you can choose from, so it’s easy to start designing your first project in no time at all! Just click to select the image that you wish to work with, and the software will insert it into a new project document.

pencil case design in cricut design space

I chose a couple of different arrow designs to play around with, and in the end, I decided to do a double version of the chevron arrows to customize my pencil pouch.

cutting the heat transfer vinyl with cricut explore air

I inserted a sheet of black glitter heat transfer vinyl into the machine, set the dial to “iron-on,” and cut my design (remember to mirror your design if necessary!).

weeding the cricut glitter heat transfer vinyl

I used the Cricut Weeder Tool to remove the excess vinyl (and you can bet that I’m totally saving those weeded glittery chevron scraps for another project!).

apply the weeded chevron pattern htv to a white pencil pouch

I arranged the vinyl on top of my pencil pouch, covered it with a piece of cloth, and ironed it according to the directions on the package.

peeling the backing from heat transfer vinyl off of the pencil pouch design

Super sparkly, totally cute, and easy peasy!

pencil pouch made with cricut htv full of pens

This customized pencil pouch was a quick and easy beginner project, and with the holidays just around the corner, I think it would make a fantastic DIY gift idea!

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customized pencil pouch a beginner project with cricut

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