DIY Christmas Ornament Gifts

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We already had some fun with Christmas ornaments on Happiness is Homemade with these personalized glitter ornaments, these simple DIY glass ornaments and these little snowmen ornaments, but the fun continues and it’s about time to take it into the kitchen!

Just in time for those Christmas diner parties and get togethers, get creative and surprise someone with a little box filled with these Christmas ornaments.
 glass ornament bread dip

What you’ll need:

– Glass ornaments
– Ribbon
– Filling (sprinkles, bread dip, spice mixes, tea leaves, cacao powder)
For the filling you can go as wild as you would like to. It’s nice to consider the person you’re giving it to: ornaments filled with sprinkles for the mommies to decorate home made cupcakes with the children, ornaments filled with spice mixes and dip mixes for the home cooks, ornaments filled with tea leaves to enjoy on the cold days, and so on. Here are a few examples to get you started.

glass ornament sprinkles pink

glass ornament rose tea
How to:

Simply fill the ornaments with the filling of your choice. Pick a cute ribbon to tie around the top or trough the little ornament’s eye. Find or buy a nice box or basket, fill it with the ornaments and write a cute little hand written note. I’m sure everybody will love it!

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