DIY Gilded Feathers

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metallic feathers for decoration

Today was Simon’s first day of twice-a-week daycare, and I spent my first “day off” in months sick in bed with an awful cold. I didn’t want to feel completely unproductive today though, so I got out my paintbrushes and combined two of my favorite trends – feathers and metallics.

diy metallic feathers for decor

We have loads of feathers laying around since Sutton picks up every single one that he sees to put on our nature table. Good thing I always carry hand sanitizer, right? I grabbed a few of his lighter colored feathers and one large black feather to use for this project.

homemade metallic feathers
supplies for making pretty embellished feathers

All you need is a paintbrush (don’t use your best brush for this one), liquid gilding, a few feathers and a large plastic bag (or sheet of plastic wrap). This Martha Stewart liquid gilding is entirely reminiscent of the old school metallic markers that I used to use as a kid – the kind where you had to press in the tip a few times to start the flow of  shiny ink. It smells the same too, so be sure to use it in a well ventilated area. Paint the feathers on top of the plastic bag and leave to dry before handling. When dry the feathers will easily peel off of the plastic. Clean your brush in paint thinner or specialty cleaner to remove the gilding.

feathers gilded in various patterns and colors

The metallic feathers are SO pretty! The boys were pretty enamored with them too, so I’m thinking of using a few of these as ornaments on their little Christmas tree this year.

feather tip dipped in gold

Easy peasy, but with high impact sparkle!


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  1. hi it’s nice models of feather painting that i was looking inspiration for my crocheting production

  2. Wolfey, I used a soft bristle brush in size 2, but any small brush will work. I dipped the brush into the gilding and then lightly brushed it on to the feather. You don’t need to dip the feather completely – a little gilding goes a long way 🙂

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