DIY Message Boards With Duck Brand® Deco Laminate

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various patterns on duck brand deco laminate

Duck Brand® has done it again! I couldn’t love Duck Tape any more (remember my tutorials for holiday gift bows and personalized school supplies?), and now Duck Brand® has come out with something even more fun – Deco Laminate!

duck brand deco laminate rolls

Look at these huge rolls! Each one is 20″ wide and 10′ long! I was lucky enough to test out a few select patterns and styles, and as soon as I opened the box my brain started racing through all the possibilities – book covers, banners, home decor, scrapbooking and lots more!

I had just mentioned to my husband that I needed a more permanent and visible alternative to my scattered paper to-do lists, and I thought the Duck Brand® Deco Laminate chalkboard would be the perfect solution!

simple clipboard for decorating

I had a boring brown clipboard that was just begging to be made over into a to-do center, so I grabbed some spray paint and chalkboard Deco Laminate and got to work!

chalkboard painted clipboard

Since the Duck Brand® Deco Laminate is compatible with Cricut™ cutting machines, I used my personal craft cutter to cut a sheet of chalkboard Deco Laminate into a scalloped rectangle, and it worked wonderfully! I just peeled the shape off of the backing, applied it to the newly painted gold clipboard, and used an old card to smooth out the wrinkles and a craft knife to trim around the clip. Easy peasy!

chalkboard clipboard with TO DO list

I’m already feeling more organized!

I couldn’t wait to test out the dry erase Deco Laminate too, so I used my craft cutter to cut a fancy frame shape from it and applied it to the front of an old picture frame that was laying around. I used the same method as before – just peel, stick, and smooth out with an old sturdy card!

deco laminate frame with heart

Isn’t it adorable? Perfect for leaving sweet little love notes and messages! deco laminate frame with grocery list written on it

(or for making grocery lists!)

I have a ton more ideas floating around in my head (including an awesome holiday project with the holographic Deco Laminate!), so I’m sure that you’ll see many more Duck Brand® Deco Laminate projects in the future! For more creative inspiration, be sure to follow Duck Brand® on Twitter!

signature of heidi from happiness is homemade


  1. Can anyone tell me what setting you used to the duck deco glimmer laminate because apparently I’m cutting too deep it cut through the paper and I had a heck of a time getting it transferred, not to mention the mess left on my mat. Thanks! #completelyfrustrated

  2. What did you set your machine at to cut the vinyl? I have a silhouette Cameo. It keeps cutting thru the backing or not cutting thru enough.

  3. Have you use the holographic deco laminate yet? I am trying to just cut circles and it is ripping the adhesive and pulling it and getting wrapped around the blade. I did try putting the backing side up and had less issues, but still to much ripping to use. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      I have not tried using the holographic Deco Laminate, but I just did a quick check on the Duck Brand website, and it appears that the holographic version is the only one that is NOT compatible with craft cutters. So sorry!

  4. Wow cute!!! What did you use to paint the clipboard gold? And I’ve never seen a chalkboard marker before. Genius.

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