Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Pops & Homemade Magic Shell Recipe

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Chocolate dipped banana pops

I don’t know about you, but after Week 1’s All Natural Strawberry Ice Cream Bars and Week 2’s Root Beer Float Popsicles, I am ready for some chocolate in Week 3!

Chocolate dipped banana pops and homemade Magic Shell topping

Oh yeah, for this week’s “Hot Days, Cool Treats” recipe we’re combining two of my family’s favorite flavors into one deliciously sweet treat!

hot days cool treats graphic

The key is to start with bananas that are super ripe – not quite enough to be turning brown, but enough that they’re a little bit soft and mushy. This will make the bananas extra creamy when they’re frozen! Peel the bananas, cut them in half, insert a popsicle stick and stick ’em in the freezer until they’re frozen solid (at least 3 hours).

In the meantime, you can whip up your homemade Magic Shell Topping by melting 2 cups of chocolate chips. When the chips are melted, stir in 3 tbsp of coconut oil until well combined. It’s that simple!

melted chocolate in mason jar

I like to store my Magic Shell in a mason jar – tall and wide enough for dipping items like frozen bananas and marshmallows, but also easy to use with a spoon for pouring on to bowls of ice cream.

bananas dipped in chocolate with candy and nut toppings

Dip the frozen bananas into the chocolate and coat with additional toppings if desired. My kids love rainbow sprinkles, and I’m quite partial to the granola covered pops myself.

bananas dipped in chocolate with nut toppings


crunchy chocolate dipped bananas being enjoyed by child
The Ratings Are In:
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Everyone in the family gave these 4.5/5 stars!
Except Simon, who strangely hates chocolate (clearly he didn’t inherit that from me!).

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  1. Great idea ! Im definately trying this idea this week! The ony question is how would i store them in the freezer so the chocolate doesnt get messed up when it touches the plate or container when freezing it ?

  2. I want to make these! I love magic shell and have never tried that little trick of making it even though I swore I was going to a couple of years ago. So maybe I really will now! Fun post!

  3. These will last a nanosecond in my house. And I say will, because I’m going to the grocery store today to get the ingredients to make them.

  4. These look amazing! I might have to get over my dislike of bananas and try them for my kids!

  5. I just made the magic chocolate and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    I was always looking for a recipe about that “cracked chocolate” until I found it here. Thanks a lot!
    What I made was marshmallows dipped in the magic chocolate, put them in the fridge and voila! But I already put my bananas in the freezer, so I can do the frozen bananas as well.
    Just one question: How to store the chocolate? where in the fridge or in your pantry at room temperature? and for how long?
    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Isabel! Since both the coconut oil and chocolate are shelf-stable, I always keep mine in a mason jar in the pantry. I’m not sure how long it will keep – we usually eat all of ours within about a week or so, and it’s always been fine for at least that long!

  6. Oh YUMMY, Heidi!! We get these at Disneyland…but I bet the homemade version is even more awesome!!

  7. We used to make these when I was a kid! But I can’t wait to try out the HM magic shell version. Thanks my boy will thank you later šŸ˜‰

  8. How adorable and yummy are these! I think even I could make them too which is awesome!

    Take care,


  9. I’m definitely going to make these for Z! She loves bananas and chocolate! (unlike me:) )

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