Metallic Foil Flags + “Land of the Free” Printables

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These 4th of July printables were designed to be used with the Minc Foil Applicator machine to make shimmery metallic foil prints and flag cupcake picks for Independence Day! 

4th of July Cupcake Picks
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The other day I shared my easy 4th of July mantel decorations including an awesome metallic foil Pledge of Allegiance printable that I made with my Minc Foil Applicator machine…well, I didn’t stop there! It’s never enough to foil just one thing (the Minc is WAY too much fun to stop at just one!), so I created a set of 4th of July printables that are designed to be used with the Minc – shimmery red, white, and blue flags to adorn your cupcakes and a “Land of the Free” USA print.

Making Metallic Foil Flags with the Minc for 4th of July

The flags are created from two different files that are designed to be printed (one at a time) on to the same sheet of paper. First, print the RED FLAG image using a laser printer. The Minc only works with laser printer or copies!  Place the printed paper face up inside of the Minc’s plastic transfer folder, top with a sheet of red reactive foil, and feed through the Minc machine. Remove the foil to reveal shiny red stripes!

Feed the same sheet of paper back into your printer, and print the BLUE FLAG image. Repeat the foiling process again, this time using a sheet of blue reactive foil. Don’t worry about the blue foil messing up your red stripes – it won’t! The foil only adheres to exposed toner, so it will only stick to the black areas that you just printed.

Foil Flags for 4th of July

See!? Isn’t that awesome?

How to Make Foil Flag Cupcake Pick Toppers for 4th of July

Cut out the individual flag strips, fold the strips in half, and use double stick tape to sandwich a toothpick in the middle of the flag.

DIY Foil USA Flag Cupcake Picks for 4th of July

Easy peasy! It seriously took me way longer to explain how to make these than it did to actually make them! The Minc is my most favorite way to add foil to my projects because it’s SUPER quick and easy!

4th of July Cupcakes with Metallic Flag Picks
Cute 4th of July Cupcakes with Metallic Foil Flags

I love that the addition of metallic foil elevates the project and makes it feel like it was made for a special occasion!

Land of the Free Metallic Foil Printables for 4th of July

Like I said earlier, once you start foiling things, it’s really hard to stop because it’s so much fun! I also created this “Land of the Free” USA print and added red and blue metallic foil to coordinate with my flags. I bet this would also look really chic in solid gold foil!

Land of the Free USA Printable with Metallic Foil
4th of July Printable USA and Flag Cupcake Picks

Super cute, and so much fun to make, too!

4th of july cupcake with metallic flag cupcake topper and land of the free map
Metallic Flag Cupcake Picks for 4th of July

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4th of July Metallic Flag Cupckae Pick Printables

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4th of July Printables for the Minc Foil Applicator Machine by Heidi Swapp

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