Royal Inspired Tea Party Picnic

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Royal Tea Party Picnic UK

The hype about the Royal Baby, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, is finally starting to die down a little bit, but I still have all things British on my brain. When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married a couple of years ago, I honestly wasn’t interested at all, but when it came time for a Royal baby…I was as enraptured as the rest of the world! There was something so exciting just watching the press coverage of all the different areas of the UK as they anxiously awaited the arrival of the new baby prince. All those photos of the palace and the lovely old buildings around London got me thinking about one thing…tea parties.

I can’t help it. I know that there is SO much more to British culture than tea, but whenever I see Queen Elizabeth, I immediately want to have a fancy tea party. Luckily for me, my six-year-old son is just as excited about tea as I am, so he happily agreed to join me for a royal inspired tea party picnic. What can I say? We’ll take any excuse to set up a garden tea party!

Tea Cups Plates and Saucers

We don’t keep breakables down and within reach of our toddler, so it was a thrill for my older boys to take out my box of teacups, saucers and tea pots. I realized in the process that I have a lot of mismatched and half sets due to the perils of moving. Time to buy some more tea cups!

Royal Tea Picnic

Maclaren graciously offered to send us some more supplies to complete our tea party picnic – a reversible buggy blanket, an insulated pannier and a magazine tote bag along with a thermos and picnic hamper. Yay!

Royal Tea Party Picnic

Doesn’t that look lovely? We made Sutton’s snacks of choice – mini Nutella sandwiches and Digestive Biscuits (it’s not a true British tea party without British biscuits, am I right?) – and took our tea chilled since it was warm out in the garden.

Maclaren Royal Picnic Tea Party

Royal Baby Inspired British Tea Party Picnic

We had such a great time enjoying our picnic with just the two of us! It doesn’t happen very often that I get to spend special one-on-one time with my boys, and this garden tea party picnic was absolutely perfect for Sutton and me. We lounged on the blankets in the shade, sipped tea, ate sandwiches and cookies, read magazines and just enjoyed our time together. Sutton said, “This is so nice out here! I love having a quiet time tea party with you!” Eventually my other boys and their friends returned home and joined us in finishing up the snacks and tea, and all-in-all it couldn’t have been a more perfect afternoon.

Royal Baby Tea Party Picnic

Thank you so much to Maclaren for supplying our picnic goodies! Please go give them a “like” on Facebook to keep up to date with all of their latest news and product information!

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