"Tie Dyed" Ribbon Cat Toy

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cat playing with colorful ribbon toy
Meet Lucy, the newest member of our tribe. When my boys approached me about getting a kitten of their own, my only stipulation was that it had to be a female cat to help balance out the boy:girl ratio around here (even our two older cats are both boys, so I’m completely surrounded by testosterone!).
Lucy is incredibly playful since she’s still a kitten, so when I saw these rainbow ribbon wands I knew that they would make a great cat toy to keep her busy paws occupied. The colorful ribbon is created using the same process as our Sharpie tie dyed shirts, and since my boys were already familiar with the process they were able to whip this project out in about half an hour.
ribbon colored and markers around
Start with some white satin ribbon and color sections of it with permanent marker.
ribbon painted using tie dye method
Using an eyedropper, slowly drip rubbing alcohol on to the inked ribbon until the color bleeds into the next. Since we were going to use this with our pet, I waited for the alcohol to dry and then rinsed the ribbon in cold water to make sure that no alcohol lingered.
child holding up completed tie dye toy
Screw an eye hook into the end of a 12″ piece of 5/8″ dowel, thread your ribbon through and knot.
kitty playing with tie dye cat toy
Find a cute little furry friend and have lots of fun watching them try to swat and chase the colorful toy you’ve created!



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