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Make your own DIY Gemstone Soaps in around 10 minutes! These sparkly gem and jewel soaps shimmer, shine, and smell AMAZING (in any fragrance your heart desires!)! Makes a great quick and easy DIY homemade holiday gift idea that’s perfect for friends, family, neighbors, and teachers! 

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I love these gorgeous jewel-toned gemstone soaps for their bright colors and amazing fragrances, but what I love even more is the fact that I can whip up an entire batch of these beauties in under 10 minutes! They take a little bit longer to firm up, but the actual “work” part is done in less than 10 minutes – can’t beat that! They make a great homemade gift idea for friends, family, teachers, and more, but fair warning – you’ll probably want to make an extra batch so you can keep some for yourself, too!

supplies for making diy gem gemstone jewel soap

What You’ll Need to Make Gemstone Soaps: 

For these pretty soaps, you can let your imagination run wild with color and fragrance combos – there are TONS to choose from! I have shown quite a few options in the photo above, but here’s a quick breakdown of exactly which ones I used for my gemstone soaps:

clear glycerin in measuring cup

I usually work with about 1/4 of the 2 lb. block of soap base at a time, which makes one batch of soaps. I slice the soap base into cubes (it cuts easily with a kitchen knife), place them inside a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup, and melt in the microwave in 20-30 second increments, stirring well after each microwave session to ensure that the soap is completely melted. For 1 lb of soap, I generally microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for another 30 seconds, stir once again, and microwave a final time for 20 seconds.

adding ingredients for jelly soap into measuring cup

When the soap base is completely melted, add in the desired soap colorant (add one drop at a time until desired color is reached) and fragrance oil (about 8-10 drops). You can also add crystal glitter mica powder at this time if desired. Stir until well mixed, and pour into the silicone soap mold.

Note: I added crystal glitter mica to my pink soaps, and it is gorgeous and filled with ultra-fine iridescent glitter shimmer; however, I discovered that the glitter doesn’t show up nearly as sparkly and pretty on camera as it does in person, so I omitted it from the other colors for photographic purposes. If I were making these for gift giving (or even for myself!), I would probably opt to include the crystal glitter!

 DIY Gemstone Soaps in moldsAllow the soap molds to sit undisturbed until completely cool (about 30-90 minutes depending on temperature/humidity).

pink diy gemstone soaps on platter with other colorful soaps surrounding it

Unmold your pretty new soaps, and repeat the process for each new color. Trust me, you’re going to want to make ALL of the colors!

beautiful diy gemstone soaps

colorful rainbow gemstone soap gift idea

I ended up making five different colors and fragrances of gemstone soaps, and they’re all beautiful…plus, they smell incredible!

pretty DIY gemstone soaps on platters

These gemstone soaps look like luxurious crystal jewels sparkling in the sun! They’re SO pretty!

rainbow gemstone soap gifts

I was going to tell you which one I like the best, but I honestly can’t even choose a favorite! The sparkly strawberry-scented pink soaps were a favorite of the girls in our neighborhood, and my boys really like the cucumber-melon aqua and mango orange soaps! They’re ALL pretty amazing, though, if you ask me!

easy homemade soaps on plate

colorful platter of rainbow gemstone soaps

gorgeous shimmery gemstone soaps

These stunning colorful gemstone soaps make a fantastic homemade gift – perfect for friends, family, teachers, coaches, and neighbors (or ANYONE on your gift list!). They’re great for fundraisers and craft fairs, too!

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10 minute DIY gemstone soaps

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10 minute DIY gemstone soaps


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  1. Hi! How do I minimize the amount of bubbles in the soap once melted? Will they disappear as the soap molds harden? Thanks!

    1. Hi Madison, you can lightly spray/mist the melted soap with isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher) to pop those bubbles! I usually recommend spraying after pouring it into the mold for the best results. You can also lightly spray the mold before pouring the soap into it as well. 🙂

  2. This is a great idea I’d love to do with my granddaughter.
    If we mix it up but do not use all of it (mould is full) and it solidifies in the mixing glass, can we reheat it and pour it again ?

  3. This was such a great, easy, fun craft to do with my almost five year old granddaughter for her mom for mother’s day! Thanks!

  4. Hi! I live in a tropical country, and would just like to know what the soap’s melting point is? I’m planning to ship these out to friends and would like to know how to best package them 🙂 Thanks!

  5. These are really cute ???? love the idea.. thankyou for sharing
    Do you even make and sell these soaps or just write up a blog about them ?

  6. Hi could u also use essential oils, and would they work the same, ie use the same amount – or you’d prob use more or less depending on the note (fragrance strength). Great idea! Love it!

  7. Hi just a question. When you say you use a 1/4 of the 2lb block to make a batch. Does that mean a total of 6 soaps? (Going off the picture of your mold)