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These 25 craft kits for boys are totally awesome – nothing pink or “girly” on the packaging! Great creative gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, and holidays! 

25 totally awesome craft kits for boysAffiliate Links

My boys absolutely love crafting and being creative, but the majority of craft kits available are marketed towards girls. No matter how hard I try to tell them that it’s the craft inside of the box that matters, it’s hard to convince them to buy a sparkly pink craft kit box, even if the project inside is totally gender neutral. (I know, I know, but MY boys just won’t do it!)

If you’ve also been searching for craft kits for boys, look no further! These 25 awesome boy-approved craft kits are perfect for all kids, and there’s no trace of anything “girly” on the packaging!

Awesome Craft Kits for Boys:



paracord wristbands kit for kits

Paracord Wristbands Kits

duct tape wallet craft kit for boysRip & Stick Duct Tape Wallet Kit

glow in the dark power balls game for kids

Glow-in-the-Dark Power Balls Kit


duct tape dragsters cool duct tape activity for kids

Duct Tape Dragster Kit

fun flyers boys craft kit

Fun Flyers Craft Kit


kids string art rocket string art kit

Rocket String Art Kit


lego chain reactions craft kit for kids

LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit


paper flying dragons gift for young boys

Paper Flying Dragons Kit

catapult craft for kids kit

Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit

3doodler pen making a 3d printed robot

3Doodler START 3-D Pen Starter Kit


boy craft construction vehicles craft kit

Boy Craft Wooden Construction Vehicle Build and Design Kit


balancing robot science kit for kidsBalancing Robot Kit


paper bag monster puppets cute kids craft kit

Paper Bag Monster Puppets


made by me rescue vehicles craft kit for boys

Rescue Vehicles Build & Paint Craft Kit


woodworx trex kit for kids

Wood WorX T-Rex Dinosaur Kit

tin can robot science kit for kids

Tin Can Robot Science Craft Kit

cobra bands paracord bracelets kit for boysGuy Gear: Cobra Bands Kit


star wars flyer paper airplanes Star Wars Folded Flyers Airplane Craft Kit


sticky mosaic dinosaurs kids craft idea

Sticky Mosaic Dinosaurs Kit


shrinky dink mini vehicles in packaging

Shrinky Dinks Mini Vehicles Kit


shrinky dink cool stuff set for boys

Shrinky Dinks “Cool Stuff” Kit


star wars origami folding book with instructions

Star Wars Origami Kit


wood worx jet fighter kids craft kitWood WorX Jet Fighter Kit


scorpion sculpture kit easy to assemble craft kit

Scorpion Sculpture Kit


rubber band launcher boy craft kit

Rubber Band Launcher Kit


heidi signature from happiness is homemade


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25 awesome craft kits for boys

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  1. These are some of my favorite gifts to give. Thanks so much for a great list and for thinking to include boys. I’ve got two at home and hate when all the crafty stuff is geared towards girls.