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My husband and I met when we were both attending school in Santa Barbara, and every August we would celebrate Old Spanish Days at the Fiesta celebration. The streets were always packed with people, and tons of traditional smashed cascarones and confetti covered all of the streets . I fell in love with these “confetti eggs,” and we like to make them to celebrate all sorts of holidays – Easter, 4th of July and birthdays are the most common around here.

collage of making process of diy cascarones

Start by hollowing out large eggs. I simply tap the very end of the egg and then gently break off just a small bit of shell from the top. Rinse the shells thoroughly. Next we dye the egg shells in a mixture of boiling water, food coloring (gel color works best to achieve darker colors) and 1 tbsp vinegar (the same way that we dye Easter eggs). To make the confetti I cut strips of tissue paper with my favorite shredding scissors. Easy peasy!

cascarones for the 4th of july

Seal the eggs by gently using a glue stick to apply a square of tissue paper over the open end.

kids having fun smashing cascarones together

These guys couldn’t wait to smash their confetti eggs over their brother’s head! Ready…aim…

kids having fun smashing cascarones together

SMASH!!!  These are a great way to pass the time on the 4th of July before the fireworks start, and they’re especially handy for little kids who are still too young to handle sparklers on their own. Confetti eggs are easy, safe and tons of fun!

fun spilled confetti out of broke cascarones for 4th of july kids craft
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  1. I love these…have been making them since high school ( a very long time ago!) where i would take them to the basketball games and throw them against the ceiling when needed! Was fun to see someone else does them also!