Apple Stamped Banner

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apple printed fall banner on mantel

This super cute kids craft is perfect for fall! Learn how to make an apple printed banner that’s perfect for autumn!

supplies for making apple stamped banner

You’ll need: 
  • Banner pieces – I cut 7″x10″ triangles from heavyweight paper, but pieces of burlap, fabric scraps or even drop cloths would also work great!
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paper plate
  • Twine
  • An apple – choose one with a nice shape!
  • (Optional) Sharpie marker and glitter glue for additional embellishing
apple printing on banner piece
Slice the apple cleanly in half to make two stamps.  Pour a small amount of paint on to the paper plate.  Dip the flat side of the apple into the paint and stamp on to the banner piece.  Easy as [apple] pie!
fun apple stamped banner flags
Add Sharpie seeds and glitter glue stems if desired, and allow to dry.  Punch holes in the corners of the banner pieces and tie together with twine.
fall banner stamped with apples
You could also thread all of the banner pieces on to one long length of twine, but I like the extra character that all of those little knots and strings give to the banner.
easy fall banner hanging on mantel

Hang and enjoy!  I love it when my boys’ artwork and projects can take center stage in my seasonal decorating arrangements!

beautiful diy fall banner on mantel


  1. This is a great project for children to make, and it would be easy to share with family via the USPS and used as a decoration for Thanksgiving. Every family would then have a similar decoration in their background as they visit on Zoom or some other visiting medium. Thank you!

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