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Looking for bullet journal ideas? These creative bullet journal tracker charts will help you get organized, save money, lose weight, and boost your overall health and mood! 20+ awesome bullet journal ideas for tracking your daily habits! 

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Over the years I have gone through many, MANY different types of planners (both paper and digital) and journals, and I never felt like any of them truly suited my needs 100%…until I discovered bullet journaling! A bullet journal is a blank notebook, usually filled with dotted or gridded paper, that allows you to create the ultimate flexible combination of planner, to-do list, diary, sketchbook, and more. The only limit is your imagination!

Most bullet journalers include monthly and weekly layout pages like a traditional planner would have, but many bullet journalers also include creative tracker pages that allow them to chart other aspects of their life as well – everything from daily habits to daydreams!

20+ Bullet Journal Ideas to Track Your Life

2016 bullet journal reading tracker

Countdown the number of books you’ve read with this Reading Challenge Tracker!


bullet journal with book decorations

Or keep track of which titles you’ve read with this Bookshelf Tracker by Paper and Ink Co.!


bullet journal maze pageTo save time, use this adorable printable planner insert from Dallingtons!


bullet journal ideas las vegas themedThis Dream Vacation Tracker by Little Coffee Fox will help you save those pennies!


bullet journal ideas mason jar savings jarThese Savings Jar Stickers by Francis and Talulah are a quick and easy way to track your savings!


bullet journal ideas mood trackerAdorable Pineapple Mood Tracker (available for sale on Etsy!) + No-Spend Challenge Piggybank Tracker by CreaPassionInk


bullet journal ideas highlighted wordsI love this monochromatic “Sweet Dreams” Sleep Tracker by BulletBy_R!


bullet journal ideas sleep trackerThis Printable Sleep Tracker from Paws and Paper is also adorable, and I like the addition of the energy rating!


bullet journal ideas health logThis Health Log by QuirkyHeart is super cute!


bullet journal ideas pac man themed weight loss trackerHow much fun is this Pac Man weight loss tracker by Jodie Kisiel?! LOVE it!


bullet journal ideas gratitude ideasGratitude Journaling is one of my favorite things to track in my bullet journal, and I adore this sunny version from FischrJournals!


bullet journal ideas gratitude trackerThis one from SophieJournals is great, too!


bullet journal ideas habit tracker This Beauty & Habit Tracker by JournalByMalin is so pretty!


bullet journal ideas gilmore girls themedHardcore Netflix fans will appreciate this fun Series Tracker by The.Petite.Planner!


bullet journal ideas habit trackerThis Printable Habit Tracker by By Keke comes in two versions – pre-filled with healthy habits to work on or blank for you to fill in your own!bullet journal ideas year one home ownershipThis Home Ownership and Repair Tracker by CraftyEnginerd is such a smart way to track your projects and expenses!


bullet journal ideas cleaning schedule This Cleaning Tracker by My Blue Sky Design covers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual chores and more! She also has some great tracker stickers available in her Etsy shop!

bullet journal ideas decluttering ideaThis 30-Day Decluttering Tracker by The.Bullet.Journey is perfect as we head into the new year, but it’s a great idea for any time of year!


bullet journal ideas bill trackerThis Bill Tracker from Brandi_Journals is super practical and helpful!


bullet journal ideas geometric animals I love the idea of doing an annual mood tracker spread, and these geometric zodiac animals by Cissy Art Cafe are so cool!

bullet journal ideas year trackerThis floral annual mood tracker from is SO pretty!

I’m feeling super inspired by all of these creative bullet journal trackers! There are so many awesome bullet journal ideas that I would never have thought of, so I hope you discovered something that sparked your creativity as well!

bullet journal ideas


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Looking for bullet journal ideas? These creative bullet journal tracker charts will help you get organized, save money, lo


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