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These cute Christmas tree piñatas are packed full of goodies and tasty treats, so they do double duty as both holiday decor AND party favors for your Christmas party guests! 

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DIY Mini Christmas Tree Piñatas

These cute little Christmas tree piñata decorations are one of my most favorite holiday crafts EVER! They’re SO dang cute! Not only are they adorable, they’re also filled with candy and treats so they’re the perfect take-home party favor for your Christmas parties!

supplies for making pinata christmas tree craft


pinata fringe cut in different colors and a pair of scissorsUse the fringe scissors to cut long lengths of fringe from the crepe paper streamers. You will need about 7-8′ per tree.

filling up tree cone with candiesFill the cone with candies and small novelty items.

sealing up the bottom of the christmas tree coneUse a piece of tissue paper to seal the end of the cone. You may need to use an extra layer or two of tissue paper if the goodies inside the cone are extra heavy.

glueing fringed crepe paper to sides of coneStarting at the base of the cone, use the glue stick to attach rows of fringe to the paper cone. Allow to dry completely.

treat filled christmas trees Now, repeat the process until you have an entire forest of colorful Christmas tree piñatas!

cute colored mini christmas trees

mini christmas tree pinatas filled with treatsI seriously can’t get over how cute these are AND how easy they are to make!

cute diy christmas tree mini pinatas in various colorsThey’re so simple to make that even the kids can do it! Christmas tree piñatas make a super fun Christmas treat for their friends and classmates!

christmas tree treat conesUse the Christmas tree piñatas as holiday party decorations, and then, when the party is over, it’s time for even MORE piñata fun!

christmas tree cone opened and treats spilling outPunch through the bottom of the piñata to reveal all of the prizes, goodies, and candy inside! SO. Much. Fun!

mini christmas tree pinata treat cones and small candiesSO. Much. Fun!

mini christmas tree pinatas for partiesThese easy and colorful Christmas tree piñatas are sure to add a punch of fun to your Christmas party!

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christmas tree pinata party favors

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