New Product Announcement! Brand new Create Room Cubby and Create Room DiviDrawers! You don’t want to miss this!

dream box with divi drawers in blue

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Keep reading to learn all about these new Create Room products!

NEW Create Room Cubby + DiviDrawers

dreambox with supplies spread out on table

For years, DreamBox owners like myself have been using colorful paper to dress up the fronts of the clear plastic storage totes. Covering the drawer fronts serves two purposes – 1) It’s an easy way to add style and personality to customize your DreamBox and 2) the paper can hide any messy or unsightly drawer contents, keeping the DreamBox clean and tidy looking.

The paper method worked well, but this week, Create Room introduced a solution that works even BETTER

Introducing the ALL NEW DiviDrawers!

Graphic of new Create Room DiviDrawers

The new Create Room DiviDrawers are the perfect combination of beauty and function! The DiviDrawers were specifically designed to be versatile in style and function, allowing for a colored, clear, or patterned exterior of your choice! 

motion picture of divi style drawers for dreambox in different colors

Each DiviDrawer has a solid opaque face (in Pure White, Sage Green, or Mineral Blue) on one side and a clear drawer face on the opposite side. This feature allows you to easily choose to hide or display the drawer’s contents, but that’s not all it does! The clear face also has a slender pocket that can be filled with a piece of decorative paper in any pattern or color for endless customization options!

The personalization of the DiviDrawers doesn’t stop with the drawer face, though!

Graphic illustrating the flexible divider options of the new Create Room DiviDrawers

Each DiviDrawer also contains a fully customizable interior divider system that allows you to create a flexible storage solution for all of your needs. It’s SUPER cool!

dreambox displayed with divi drawers in various colors

The DreamBox will now integrate perfectly with both the classic InView Totes as well as the DiviDrawer system, so you can have the best of both worlds. Build your custom DreamBox to perfectly suit your space and needs!

create room cubby motion image with different colors of cubbies

The DreamBox isn’t the only thing that can hold the new DiviDrawers, though!

Meet the Brand NEW
Create Room Cubby!

dreambox cream room cubbies in blue

The Create Room Cubby is an awesome new storage and organization system that can be stacked horizontally or vertically to build a larger storage unit.

I can think of SO many different uses for these! My craft room could certainly benefit from a Create Room Cubby or two, but they would also be perfect for my kids’ bedrooms (hello, LEGO storage!), our home office, and even in our pantry! What about the bedroom closet? The Create Room Cubby would be fantastic for organizing jewelry, gloves, scarves, and other accessories, don’t you think?!

Watch the Create Room product launch here and get all of the details! I can NOT wait to add these new products to my home!

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