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Ever wondered how to make candles? These Easy DIY Apple Spice Candles are super simple to make, and they smell incredible! Makes a great DIY gift idea for friends, family, teachers, neighbors, and more!

easy diy apple spice candles

Apple Spice is one of my most favorite fall fragrances – it’s crisp and sweet-tart, and it just reminds me of everything that I love about autumn! I’ve already made Spiced Apple Cider Sugar Scrub and Apple Pie Soaps, so it was only natural that my next apple fragrance endeavor would be candles! Homemade soy candles are quickly becoming a favorite craft of mine – they’re quick and easy to make, and there are a TON of creative ways that you can decorate and finish them! These easy DIY Apple Spice Candles are super cute, and they’re a cinch to make!

ingredients for making apple spice candlesAffiliate Links

Supplies Used to Make Apple Spice Candles: 

Note: The apple candle making process is very similar to our popular Easy DIY Pineapple Candles, so I would recommend taking a peek at this quick video before you get started!


YouTube video

How to Make Apple Spice Candles: 

Note: quantities listed will yield three six-ounce jar candles. 

  • Use a drop of hot glue to attach the candle wicks to the center of the bottom of the glass jars.
  • In the wax pitcher, melt four cups of soy wax flakes over low heat, stirring frequently.
  • Add 3 blocks of red wax colorant along with 20-30 drops of fragrance oil or combination of fragrance oils. Mix well.
  • Carefully pour the hot wax into the jars. Allow the candles jars to sit undisturbed until completely cool.
  • Repeat the process for green colored candles if desired.

pouring hot candle wax into jars with wicks

Note: wood wicks tend to work best if you soak them in oil right before making your candles. I soaked mine in olive oil for about 30 minutes before making my candles. 

apple slice candles being made

When the candles are completely cooled, trim the wicks to the desired length with kitchen shears.

apple slice candles being made

cut out felt leaves for candles

Paint the lids with green paint (spray paint makes quick work of the task!) and cut leaves from green felt. Use a drop of hot glue to pinch the base of the leaf closed to add some dimension.

felt leaves glued to candle lids

Use hot glue to attach the felt leaves and twig “branches” to the lids. diy apple candle gift idea

Seriously, how cute are these? And they smell AMAZING!!!

cute apple spice candles for fall decor

These apple candles would make a fantastic gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, don’t you think? In fact, they’d make a great gift for ANY occasion!easy to make apple candles


apple spice candle gift idea for teachers

I can’t get enough of these! They’re just so darn cute!

fall apple spice candles

I think I’ll be adding these apple spice candles to our DIY homemade gift idea list for the holidays this year! Who would you make these candles for?

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easy diy apple spice candles


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