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Planning a gender reveal party? We’ve got lots of creative gender reveal party ideas, tips, and tricks that will make your party a huge success!

Gender reveal party table

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Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days, with parents-to-be gathering their friends and family for a celebration to announce the sex of their unborn baby. Everyone is always dying to know whether you’re having a girl or a boy, so tell them the news in style with a super fun party and a creative gender reveal announcement! 

Gender reveal party table and paper party supplies

How Does a Gender Reveal Party Work?

Gender reveal parties are a relatively new invention (because everyone needs another excuse for a party, right?!), designed to bring together family and friends to announce the sex of your soon-to-be-born baby. The parents-to-be may already know the gender of the baby or, in most instances, they will discover it for the first time at the party, too. Gender reveal parties are generally a casual affair for close family and friends, however, on occasion, a gender reveal party may be a fancier and more elaborate celebration with a large number of guests. 

Overhead shot of gender reveal party table and paper goodsGender reveal parties are most often decorated in a blue and pink color palette, and these Sweet Surprise party goods from Hold the Balloon fit the bill perfectly! The napkins are double-sided to show off both “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” and I love the half-and-half plates!  

gender reveal party paper plates

Pink and blue striped popcorn boxes filled with pink and blue drizzled popcorn

When Should You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

Parents-to-be are usually able to determine the sex of their baby via ultrasound around 17-20 weeks into the pregnancy, and a gender reveal party will often happen soon after, though it’s possible to wait until closer to the baby’s birth to do the reveal if desired. 

gender reveal party treatsIf the parents-to-be want to learn their baby’s gender at the party along with the guests, they might ask the doctor to write the information down and place it in an envelope. The envelope is then passed off to a trusted friend or family member who will help design and orchestrate the big reveal. 

saltwater taffy in blue and pink

What Kind of Foods are Served at a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal hosts often serve a buffet of desserts and/or snacks, but you can serve a full meal if you desire! It’s totally up to you! Whatever you decide to serve, make the most of the pink and blue theme with colorful candy, snacks, and beverages. 

gender reveal cupcakes with question mark toppersI love simple white cupcakes with sparkly toppers and a touch of pink and blue! 

cute gender reveal party cupcake toppers

cupcakes decorated with pink and blue icingOf course, you could also use pink and blue frosted cupcakes to stick with the colorful theme!

pink rock candy in mason jar

party popcorn topped with pink and blue icingA drizzle of melted candy and a dash of sprinkles adds a fun pop of color to this party snack!

adorable gender reveal party table

What Party Supplies Do You Need for a Gender Reveal Party?

Depending on the type of foods that are being served, you’ll want to have plates and napkins available in various sizes along with cups, plastic cutlery, and straws. For the table, a simple plain-colored plastic tablecloth works well, and you can top it with a fabric runner to add pattern and dimension if desired. I used the Sweet Surprise line of party goods from Hold the Balloon for this gender reveal party, and they were a huge hit! 

gender reveal party cupsLike the napkins, these fun party cups from Hold the Balloon are also double-sided, and guests can cast their vote as to whether they think the couple is having a girl or a boy by displaying the appropriate side of the cup. 

gender reveal party paper platesAnother fun way to cast your vote is with the plates! Have each party guest hold up their vote before the big reveal!

tableware for gender reveal partiesIf you’re planning on having a sit down affair, dress up each place setting with layered party supplies topped off with a pretty ribbon. Easy peasy and super cute! 

gender reveal party table setting

gender reveal party scratchers in jar

How is the Gender Reveal Done? 

This is the part where you get to be creative! There are SO many fun ways in which the parents-to-be can reveal the gender including: 

  • Fill a black balloon with colored confetti and pop the balloon to reveal the sex in a burst of colorful confetti. 
  • Add a pink or blue filling to your cake or cupcakes and reveal the gender as you cut into the cake. 
  • Fill a box with pink or blue helium balloons and then open the box to reveal. 
  • Fill a pinata with candy and trinkets in blue or pink, and take a swing to reveal the baby’s gender.
  • Buy a gender reveal baseball that’s filled with colorful powder that will burst when the dad-to-be takes a swing at it.
  • Wrap cans of silly string with paper to cover any information that might give away the color inside, and then on the count of three, everyone spray their silly string!
  • Confetti cannons and colorful smoke bombs are another fun way to do the reveal that are quickly gaining popularity!

gender reveal scratcher cards For our gender reveal party, we used these SUPER fun DIY Scratch-Off Cards to reveal the baby’s sex, and they were a HUGE hit! (You can grab the free printable here to make your own!)

its a boy napkinsEach of the cards has three colored hearts including one of the opposite color, so guests will have to scratch off at least two of the circles before they find the winning answer – SO. MUCH. FUN!

gender reveal party table ideaWith all of these fun tips and these adorable Sweet Surprise party supplies, your gender reveal party is sure to be a smashing success! 

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gender reveal party ideas

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