Hanukkah Crafts and Activities for Kids

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These fun Hanukkah crafts and activities for kids are a great way to celebrate Hanukkah and learn more about the Jewish holiday!

hanukkah crafts and activities for kids

These fun Hanukkah crafts and activities for kids are a wonderful way to celebrate Hanukkah and learn more about the holiday!

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Hanukkah, this article, Hanukkah is Not Jewish Christmas, is a great starting point that clears up some common misconceptions, and Tablet’s Guide to Hanukkah shares useful background information on the holiday.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah every year or are just beginning to learn about the Jewish holiday, you’ll have a ton of fun making and enjoying these Hanukkah crafts and activities! You’ll find a word search, Star of David activities, lots of menorah crafts, and even a kindness calendar!

15 Hanukkah Crafts & Activities for Kids

printable hanukkah word search game for kids

Hanukkah Word Search from Happiness is Homemade: Our Hanukkah word search is a fun and educational activity for kids of all ages. Search for 16 Hanukkah-themed words vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Word searches are terrific for learning new vocabulary and practicing spelling skills!

printable hanukkah garland pieces

Hanukkah Garland from Moms and Crafters: This gorgeous Hanukkah garland is such a fun origami project for kids! Alternating the Star of David and the dreidels creates a beautiful banner for the holiday that you’ll definitely want to save and reuse next year.

star of david suncatcher hanukkah craft

Star of David Suncatchers from Nurture Store: These Star of David sun catchers are so pretty! Sun catchers are easy enough for toddlers to help make, and older kids enjoy them, too. The star will look beautiful on your window with the light shining through! You’ll need contact paper, tissue paper, and cardstock to complete this simple craft.

hanukkah craft idea toilet paper tubes painted as candles

Recycled Cardboard Menorah from Hallmark: Recycle cardboard tubes into a cute menorah that can be “lit” each night by inserting the candle’s “flame” attached to a popsicle stick.

hanukkah kindness calendar activities

Hanukkah Kindness Calendar from Coffee and Carpool: Create your own kindness calendar countdown chain for Hanukkah! This is a terrific way to encourage kids to spread kindness to others during the holiday season with tasks like baking cookies for a neighbor, reading Hanukkah books to a younger sibling, or donating to a local food bank.

easy diy hanukkah slime for kids

Hannukah Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands: Pair this sparkly blue slime with dreidels for a fun Hannukah-themed sensory activity. Make the slime together as a family and read some Hanukkah-themed books to learn more about the holiday.

easy paper plate hanging menorah decoration

Easy Paper Plate Menorah from NurtureStore: Create your own flameless menorah using a paper plate, some paint, glue, and the printable candle template. Super cute and easy peasy!

hanukkah sensory bin for small children

Hanukkah Sensory Bin from Jewish Moms and Crafters: Delve into a fun sensory experience with this colorful and educational sensory bin. It’s filled with blue Pluffle as the base, though you can also dye rice blue and use that for your base instead. Other items to include are dreidels, gold coins, candles, and Hanukkah-themed cookie cutters.

hanukkah playdough mat with menorah and playdough

Hanukkah Playdough Mat from Welcome to Mommyhood: This playdough mat is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy a bit of sensory play while learning more about Hanukkah. It incorporates counting and math and includes a menorah, a digit, and a ten frame. Make the appropriate number of playdough candles for the menorah to match the number of objects in the ten frame. Easy and fun!

pointillism art made into menorah

Hannukah Pointillism Art from Coffee and Carpool: Learn a new art technique for the holidays! This pointillism menorah artwork is just gorgeous. Kids will love painting with q-tips to make dots that work into a larger image. It’s a fun and simple art activity for kids of all ages!

nature inspired menorah made from pine cones, sticks, and more

Nature-Inspired Menorah from Barley and Birch: Turn twigs, moss, pinecones, and other items from nature into a gorgeous nature-inspired menorah to decorate or play with. It’s such a fun, hands-on way to teach kids about the traditions while providing counting practice and coloring/painting skills.

printable menorah activity being colored

Printable Menorah Activity from Primary Playground: Let the kids enjoy some chocolate coins as a snack after reading Is it Hanukkah Yet? This printable menorah activity is the perfect follow-up activity. Kids draw candles on the menorah and color in a dreidel, a gift, etc.

hanukkah sewing craft template and yarn

Hanukkah Sewing Craft from Coffee and Carpool: Kids who are just learning to sew will love making this dreidel! Use styrofoam trays, blunt sewing needles, and blue yarn to make the dreidel. Use a mechanical pencil to create the template for the kids to push the needle through. This is an excellent activity for working on fine motor skills.

fingerprints made into a hanging menorah keepsake

Fingerprint Menorah Keepsake from Moms and Crafters: Make a pretty keepsake ornament to hang in the window or near the menorah where you light your candles! This fingerprint keepsake is such a lovely way to remember your child’s tiny little hands and fingerprints when they’ve grown much older. You’ll love pulling out this decoration year after year.

hanukkah writing sand trays with dreidel

Hanukkah Writing Sand Trays from Fantastic Fun and Learning: Use colored sand, a stick or “writing” implement, and a dreidel to set up this activity for your preschooler. It’s a fun way to work on writing skills as well as learning about the Hebrew letters.

Wishing you and your family lots of love, light, and joy this holiday season!

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15 fun hanukkah activities for kids
hanukkah crafts and activities

Hanukkah Crafts and Activities

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