Baseball Team Snack + Printables

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Hey baseball moms, check out this adorable quick & easy baseball team snack idea. Free printable coloring page and stickers, too!

Horizon Organic Baseball Team Snack with Free Printables

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Baseball Team Snack + Printables

Baseball season is in full swing here in Northern California, and that means lots and lots of evenings and weekends at the ball field.

sweet smiling boy ready to play baseball in baseball uniform

My youngest son plays t-ball for one reason and one reason only: TEAM SNACK. He is absolutely obsessed with the post-game snack, so when it was our turn to bring treats for his entire team, I knew I needed to bring something seriously awesome. Awesome, but easy, because, let’s be real…this mama likes things quick and simple!

Horizon Organic Products for Healthy Baseball Snack Idea

I wanted to give the boys a snack that fits into our healthy lifestyle, so I reached for my favorite Horizon Organic products – mozzarella sticks, chocolate lowfat milk boxes, and Honey Snack Grahams (which are one of my favorite snacks EVER!). I’m making an effort to provide my family with more organic ingredients and less artificial colors and flavors, so these Horizon Organic products are perfect for my kids and their teammates!

I printed some fun baseball graphics on to 8.5″ x 11″ label paper, then cut them out with scissors, and stuck them to the front of team colored paper bags. Easy peasy!

Cute Free Printables for Baseball Team Snack Idea

I also created a printable baseball coloring sheet, just for fun! It’s a cute addition to your team snack bag, and all you have to do is print it out!

How to Make the Easiest and Cutest Baseball Team Snacks Ever

Add the printable coloring page to the snack bag along with the Horizon Organic mozzarella sticks, chocolate lowfat milk boxes, Snack Grahams (in a baggie), and an apple. Fold the top 2″ of the paper bag over, and punch two holes through all the layers. Thread ribbon or baker’s twine through the holes, and tie a knot to close the bag.

Horizon Organic Healthy Baseball Team Snack Idea

This baseball team snack looks super impressive, but it’s actually REALLY quick and easy to put together! (It took me about 30 minutes to assemble and fill snack bags for our team of 12 players.)

Baseball Team Snack Treat Idea with Free Printables

Your kids and their friends will love this fun baseball team snack, and you’ll look like SuperMom with minimal effort! For even more ideas, news, and recipes from Horizon Organic, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

What’s your favorite baseball team snack? Let me know in the comments!

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