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These parts of speech ice cream cones might be the cutest language lesson ever created!

These parts of speech ice cream cones are a lot of fun, and they only require an Ellison SuperStar Machine (or Sizzix Big Shot), Bigz Ice Cream Cone & Scoop die (#A10156), and colored paper.

Start by cutting out your ice cream cones and scoops. One trick that I learned from Ellison Education Consultant (and video demonstrator) Sandi Genovese is to place your patterned paper face down when cutting. This will give a slight beveled edge to the patterned side and give the paper a nice clean finished look.

Write a part of speech category on each cone (for example: nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc.) and then write several examples of that part of speech on the ice cream scoops. I made 3 scoops for each category, but the sky’s the limit!

Have your students match the word scoops to the part of speech cones, and if desired, leave a few blank scoops so that they can create their own examples as well.

This lesson is easily adaptable for older or younger students as well. Younger students can practice phonics by matching upper and lowercase letters or word sounds, and older students can practice vocabulary words or math facts with the ice cream cones. They’re great for lots of different subjects!

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