Kids Craft: Popsicle Stick Boxes

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Quick & easy popsicle stick boxes and containers are a fun and simple kids craft that anyone can make! Use them for storing items, as a desk organizer, or even an easy DIY vase! 
popsicle stick containers holding pens and supplies

My two older boys (age 6 and 7) are hardcore crafters. There’s nothing they like more than a good project. I often find them surrounded by a pile of construction paper, glue, and scissors, so when they came up with the idea to make popsicle stick boxes I grabbed my camera and let them have at it.

popsicle stick container craft supplies

Supplies Needed to Make Popsicle Stick Boxes:

kids assembling popsicle stick boxes

Start by painting your wooden craft sticks and allowing them to dry (alternatively, you can also purchase colored craft sticks).

Lay out the base of your box – depending on the size of the sticks you will need 10-11 to make a square-ish base. Glue two sticks on top of the base along the perpendicular edges. This will hold the base sticks together.

colorful popsicle stick container

My kids still get a little glue-happy, so to cut down on the mess and waste, I like to give them a small bowl of glue and a q-tip. The q-tip is the perfect size for making dots of glue at each corner as you build your box up layer by layer. Continue layering until you reach the desired height.

popsicle stick craft container desk set

These boxes have a million and one uses! They make a great desk set that would be perfect for a homemade Father’s Day gift!

popsicle stick containers filled with straws
Organize your party supplies in style! These boxes are great for straws and plastic cutlery!
popsicle sticks made into treasure box
Let the kiddos store their favorite treasures inside their craft stick boxes. You can even add a lid if you want!
popsicle sticks made into T-Rex cage
LEGO T-rex on the loose? We’ve got a solution for that, too! šŸ˜‰
vase made from popsicle sticks

Add a mason jar insert, and these popsicle stick boxes also double as a great vase! Add a tealight candle to the mason jar to create fun party lights!

diagram showing many uses for popsicle stick containers
These useful little boxes are fun for the entire family to create together, and I guarantee you’ll want to make a bunch once you realize just how handy they are!
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DIY popsicle stick boxes



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