This 10-minute DIY lemon and lavender salt soak will soothe your senses and melt away your stress! Makes a great quick & easy gift idea!

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Lemon and lavender is one of my favorite fragrance combinations of all time, and this DIY lemon and lavender salt soak is one of my favorite homemade bath & body products. The aroma of lavender is soothing and relaxing, and it is often used in bedtime and stress relieving products. Lemon radiates a clean and fresh fragrance, and lemon oil is often added to skin care products to reduce the appearance of blemishes and increase circulation. The combination of lemon and lavender is an ideal addition to your evening bath to help ensure a restful good night’s sleep!

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Lemon Lavender Salt Soak Tutorial - DIY Bath and Body ProductsIf desired, you can substitute the dried lavender flowers and fresh lemon for 5 drops each of lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil. The essential oils are shelf-stable, so your salt soak will have a longer shelf life without the fresh ingredients (if you’re not planning on using it right away or if you’d prefer to double/triple the recipe for future use). That said, the fresh ingredients really are what make this soak so pretty!

Lemon and Lavender Salt SoakCombine the Epsom salt along with the Himalayan salt, then carefully mix in the lavender flowers and/or essential oil.  Zest the lemon into the salts (or add lemon essential oil), stir, and then let rest for about 20 minutes so the ingredients can mingle.

DIY Lemon and Lavender Salt SoakStore the salt soak in a sealed container, refrigerated, until ready to use (note: salt soak that contains only essential oils instead of fresh lavender and lemon zest does NOT need to be refrigerated). To use, add to warm-hot running bath water, and enjoy a relaxing and soothing soak!

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10-Minute DIY Lemon and Lavender Salt Soak



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  1. I have been using pink Himalayan slat as a scrub. Thanks for sharing this, in future i’ll use Lavender and Himalayan both.

  2. I have been using Himalayan salt as a scrub foe the longest time. Lavender and Himalayan are two of my favorite things. So there’s no way I’m passing on this DIY. I can’t wait to try this!

  3. Thanks for sharing this I use Himalayan pink salt as a scrub In the future I will also add Lavender oil and Epsom salt in it as you shared

  4. Hi Heidi, I am really thankful for sharing this awesome recipe. My kids and I love it. This is in our favorite list now.

  5. Can I only use Himalayan pink salt for this scrub? Because I have Himalayan salt on hand, so I want to know if I can use it alone. I have read so much about the benefits of Himalayan salt and even purchased a Himalayan salt lamp form ittefaqco recently.

  6. In these salt soaks–the lavender and lemon salt soak—how much do you use for each bath?
    thanks–love your site,