diy marshmallow shooters and marshmallows
A couple of weeks ago we came across a booth selling marshmallow guns at the Strawberry Festival. The boys were instantly smitten, but at $7 each Mitch said no way – if there’s a way to make it ourselves for less, we’re all over it! One quick trip to Home Depot and $7 later, and we had enough supplies to make marshmallow shooters to supply the entire neighborhood!

fun kids craft for summer, homemade marshmallow shooters
I foresee a marshmallow battle in the making!

marshmallow shooter made from pipes
The construction is simple and straightforward. No directions here, but you can get the jist of it by looking at the picture. It’s all made from 1/2″ PVC pipe and connecters, with a quick blast of spray paint to pretty it up (and make sure everyone can keep track of which gun is theirs!)!

kids loading marshmallow shooters outside for fun summer kids activity
They’re just as simple to use too! Just load a mini marshmallow into the mouthpiece…

boys blowing out marshmallows from their shooters
…and give it a quick puff of air! Easy peasy! (Don’t you just love how they color coordinated their guns to their swim trunks LOL!)

hilarious kids game, marshmallow shooters being played
Let the battle begin! (For the record, Mitch can get some serious power behind his marshmallows!)

kid enjoying outdoor playtime with homemade marshmallow guns
It’s tough to shoot your marshmallows when you can’t stop laughing!

child aiming marshmallow shooter at camera
SO. Much. Fun!

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  1. I know this was a long time ago, but I’m thinking about doing it for an end of year Girl Scout Party. But since we’ll be doing it in a public field, we’ll need to clean up afterwards. So I was wondering, how much of a pain was it to clean up all the marshmallows? Or if you missed some, did they turn into a sticky mess?

    1. Hi JoAnne! It really depends on how hot it will be outside as to whether or not the marshmallows will melt and get sticky. We didn’t run into any issues with ours – they are easy to see and pick up on concrete surfaces, and even though they’re harder to locate on grass, we didn’t have any sticky issues with any that were missed! 🙂

  2. Hi, my grandson and I make these to sell at craft show. We use duck tape to decorate them. There is a book I got from Lowe’s that make different kinds it is called: MAKE YOUR OWN…AWESOME…MARSHMALLOW LAUNCHER.Everything You Need to Build Your Own Blaster! by Joe Rhatigan

    You can make the mini, the deluxe, deluxe quick fire, the air mail, behind your back special, the pip squeak, the master, the commando, the long ranger, the huh, the lil firestorm, the trombone, the x-factor, the infiltrator, all riled up, The books says “Help! no matter what I do, my marshmallows gets stuck in my launcher. It says to “roll each marshmallow in flour first.” “The flour keeps the stick spots on the marshmallow from sticking inside the launcher.” “Tap the floured marshmallow before putting inside the launcher.” The book says this not me. The book says to use a hacksaw and miter box or a pipe cutter. They used a hacksaw because the pipe cutter sometimes warps the pipe openings. Sand the cuts. I always use couplers on mine for a couple of reasons: one is because if the child has been eating food you can take the coupler off and wash it out. second is because if there is any sharp edges from cutting it might cut the child’s lip and also he is not putting his mouth on paint. I ALWAYS USE COUPLERS FOR THE CHILD TO BLOW INTO. Yours looks like there are 4-3 inch pipes, 1-6 inch pipe, 2-elbows, 1-T-joint, and 1 cap. Don’t forget 1 coupler for the mouth piece.

  3. Hi I want to make these for a birthday party and was wondering if you knew the measurements you used. thank you. cant wait to make these

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Our paint did eventually end up with some minor scratches in it, but nothing large (and my boys were really rough on their marshmallow shooters!).