clothespin snowflakes easy winter kids craftThese clothespin snowflakes take just minutes to make, but add lots of style and pizzazz with their chic metallic gold and silver sparkle!

For each snowflake you will need eight clothespins, a hot glue gun, and some paint. Start by twisting the clothespin to disassemble it, removing the spring, and separating both halves.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the flat sides of two clothespin halves together.

Each new pair of wood pieces will look like this. Continue gluing all of the pieces until you end up with eight of these.

Any suggestions on what I could make with all the leftover springs? I hate wasting things, and I’m sure there’s a new project idea in here somewhere!

Arrange your eight clothespin pieces to form a snowflake and hot glue them together. It helps to start by gluing together the four pieces that make a + shape, and then add the other four pieces in the center spaces.

Give each snowflake a coat of paint. I used spray paint to make quick work of it, but any kind of craft or hobby paint should do the trick!

I added some glitter to one of my gold snowflakes for even more sparkle…the holidays are ALL about sparkle and shine in my house!

Add a string to hang on your tree or display a whole grouping on a shelf or window sill for maximum decorating impact!

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