monster truck splatter art

We’re back home from our vacation and spending this week on Summer break from preschool. Naturally, it’s time for more art projects!

child outside making splatter art
I gave the boys each their own canvas, some tempera paint and brushes. I had intended to do some splatter painting with them, but since they were both insistant upon wearing their swim clothes to paint (you know, the better to hop straight into the pool for clean up, right?), neither one of them was too keen on getting splattered paint on their new rash guards.

boys outside enjoying easy kids painting activities
I decided to just let them do their own thing, and before I knew it they had gathered up a small pile of cars and monster trucks and were painting the wheels to create a new kind of artwork.

small boy using toy truck to paint

boy proudly holding up kid made painting
Look at that proud smile! Sometimes the best kind of art direction is NO direction! 🙂

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  1. Hi Heidi! This is such an awesome idea but I was wondering, were you all able to get rid of the paint on the monster trucks? Also, do you have any ideas of what little girls, who don’t own trucks, could use to paint with?

    1. Hi Andrea! We used washable paint, and it all came off of the monster trucks (even deep inside the tire treads). We’ve done the monster truck painting with both girls and boys, and they’ve all loved it, but you can also try dipping shaped cookie cutters into the paint and using them as a stamp. We’ve also used foam stickers on a rolling pin to create a rolling paint stamper. It’s a ton of fun!

      1. Great! Thank you for the suggestions! They really do sounds like a bunch of fun! 😀