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pour painted pot full of felt flowers
Look what I found, thank goodness! Bright and cheery felt flowers to go with our pour painted pots – yay! I was really worried for a minute there that we weren’t ever going to find them!
The boys saw the idea for these pour painted pots on In Lieu of Preschool a few weeks ago, and they couldn’t wait to try it out to accompany their felt flower bouquets.
kids pour painting pots together
We taped up the holes on the bottom and they got to pouring the paint. Note: make sure your kid isn’t wearing parts of his school uniform when you turn him loose with acrylic paint. Aye aye aye.
It’s really simple to acheive this swirly and marbled effect – just pour a bit of paint, and then keep adding new colors on top of the old ones until they drip off the edges and run down the sides of the pot.
flower pot pour painting kids activity
The colors were so pretty dripping and swirling down the sides of the pots. There are so many moments where I just wanted to freeze it and keep it that way, but you can’t fight gravity!
completed pour painted pots drying
Sutton very deliberately chose to make striped paint drips on his pot (in the middle) instead of letting the colors mix and swirl. It was a really neat effect as well!
final reveal of dried painted pots
In the end we only covered about 90-95% of the pot with paint, (mostly because it was bedtime, and we were all tired of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!), but I still think they came out great!
cool wavy textures on colorful pots
It took two full days for all of the paint to dry. We coated it with four layers of glossy spray varnish, and we were ready to add our felt flowers…well, after we found them 😉

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    1. As long as you’re using a permanent tempera paint and not a washable variety, it should work just fine! I would suggest adding a clear sealer over the paint as well. 🙂

  1. Those colours are so cool. I love the idea, will do something similar one weekend with my youngest, she loves paint!

  2. This is a super kids craft, I am using this idea for a upcoming Birthday cake, with icing though not paint.

  3. How did you make the different shapes for the felt flowers? Is there a pattern to go by? Thank you very much!!

  4. These are beautiful! I think the idea originated from Dili Dali Art however. Hers were absolutely stunning!

    1. You’re right, Anna! We first saw them on In Lieu of Preschool; however, she does mention in that post that I linked that she was inspired by the originals at Dili Dali Art. I agree, the ones at Dili Dali were gorgeous! I wish ours were as completely covered as theirs, but I still think they look pretty neat 🙂