free printable pirate potty chart in girl and boy versions

Printable Pirate Potty Training Reward Charts

We’re embarking on the potty train for the third time, and so far this time has been unlike any of the others. Simon will be three in a couple of months, and he’s showing an awareness and an interest in potty training…well, mostly he’s just interested in taking off his training pants and running around naked. He definitely needs some motivation to actually sit on the potty to use the bathroom, so I created these pirate potty training charts to help us on our journey.

The short version is perfect for a new trainee like Simon who doesn’t have much patience for filling in a larger chart and who may even take a couple of days to make it to the potty five times. Each time he uses the potty he gets a “gold doubloon” (in the form of a sticker) to put on his chart. When he fills in all five circles he gets a reward. Of course, you could also offer M&M’s or Skittles as an extra incentive every time your child uses the potty, but since my kid is only interested in lollipops we’re sticking with a one lollipop per five potty uses ratio.

collect 5 to get a prize printable

Once we’ve been training for awhile and pottying becomes more frequent, we will move up to the chart with the longer path.

pirate potty training chart in boy version

Get the Pirate Potty Training Reward Charts Here

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I asked a few of my friends for their best potty training tips and advice, and here’s what they had to say: 

Vivienne from The V Spot said, “Each kid is different, and you can’t necessarily employ the same techniques on each kid. What worked for one of my older guys (bribery with M&Ms and Skittles) didn’t work on another (and I ended up eating the lion’s share of the candy rewards out of sheer frustration: 1 for you, 15 for mommy…) Then my youngest trained in a day and a half because I told him he couldn’t play a video game with his big brudders until he was out of diapers. boom. done. Even during the night.

Don’t let it stress you out, and if you think you’ve had it and they are way over-due, put them in regular underwear, and don’t backslide by putting them in back into pull-ups. Just be ready for a lot of clean up. Chances are that they will hate it as much as you do and it will be the incentive they need to use the potty.”

Carolina from Always Expect Moore & 30-Minute Crafts said, “Over-praise them each time they do a good job. Seriously, act like they just won a Nobel prize while winning the Indy 500 and curing cancer. My son loved that!

Don’t make a contest out of it. There will be mommies at the park who brag about how their child came out of the womb potty trained. Good for them. Until “At what age were you potty trained?” is on the application to get into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale… I’m not going to worry about it. ;)”

Sarah of Craft Quickies said, “COMPLETE nakedness is all that worked with [my son]. Anything on his butt, and he’d absentmindedly pee. Above all, PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE, don’t push, wait until they seem truly ready (aka don’t be ashamed to give up and try a few months later), and be patient and flexible.”

Kelley of Miss Information said, “Don’t think there is a certain time or age you have to do it. You need to wait until they are ready, not when you are ready . If you don’t you will just cause confusion and frustration for you both. Try to remember kids are not having accidents to torture you even though it might feel like it some days. Once you start do not put them in training pants during the day. Use underwear, they need to be uncomfortable when they have an accident.”

Connie of Measured by the Heart said, “I’ve found if it seems like it’s too hard and you are forcing it, they might not be ready. Once my kids were ready it was a fairly straight forward thing. Before they were ready it was torture. So don’t be afraid to wait. Don’t compare yourself to what everyone else is doing.”

As for us, we may be at the beginning of our potty training journey, but we have already picked up an invaluable tip! Simon is a SUPER soaker, and he wears heavy duty nighttime training pants all day long. We used to be forced to change his bedsheets twice a day, in the morning and after nap time, when he’d constantly wake up soaking wet. Our regular laundry was starting to get backlogged from all the sheet washing I had to do!

My mom mentioned to me that she had seen GoodNites disposable bed mats at Target and thought it might help out our situation, so I picked up a pack, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I used them that first night, and I was instantly hooked! The bed mats are huge so they provide plenty of coverage, and the large adhesive corners ensure that the bed mat doesn’t shift, bunch, or annoy my toddler as he sleeps. They’re thin, but they absorb so well that we’ve never had a night where they weren’t enough protection. My washing machine is singing hallelujah right now for all that spared laundry! I am confident that The GoodNites bed mats will give me peace of mind once I start putting him down to sleep without a diaper or training pants on too.
thank goodness for GoodNites bed mats written on bed

I know that we’re in for quite an adventure with our independent and spirited little guy, but armed with all of this great potty training advice, I’m sure we’ll do just fine!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I love the smaller chart as I am just getting started with my daughter and most others just have too many spaces that have to be filled in before a “prize” is rewarded.

    Do you have a matching “Potty Prize” printable with the adorable graphics as well? I’m going to do a reward box…or treasure chest…I hope this works!

  2. These printables have helped us a ton! Thank you so much! My son can’t wait to get more gold doubloons so he can get a prize at the end! It has worked perfectly for us. Just have to find a way to get him to go #2 in the toilet but #1 he nailed in a few hours!

  3. These are great motivation and positive reinforcement tool for kids in accomplishing tasks at home such as toilet training and household chores. We know that all children loves being rewarded so this is something that would drive them to do what is asked.

  4. I just want to briefly say THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this potty chart! My daughter loves things that boys like but it is so hard to find them without them being overly girlish. I love that it is the exact same and so does my little one. Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re both enjoying it! My niece is the same way, and I had her in mind when I was putting together the girl version. Thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for posting and sharing these! Let’s hope and pray this makes the difference for my little boy 🙂
    So far he loves it!!