Felt Star Garland Banner for Superhero PartyThis post may contain affiliate linksSimon is turning four this weekend, and to celebrate we threw him an epic superhero movie night party. All of the party decorations were simple and inexpensive DIY projects that only took a little bit of time to complete. One of my favorites is this awesome felt star garland that I made using my new Sizzix Big Shot machine

Felt and Gold Glitter Felt FabricFor my 15′ long banner, I used about 10 sheets of craft felt including a few sheets of glittery felt (red and blue) and mesh backed glitter fabric (gold – sold in the same section as the felt at our local craft store).

The Sizzix Big Shot Machine is perfect for cutting felt and fabricThis was my first time using the Sizzix Big Shot, and I was a little apprehensive about it. I have always daydreamed about owning a cutting machine that easily cuts through felt, but I have never been able to find one that works as well as I have hoped. With everything else I’ve tried, cutting stars would have resulted in lots and lots of blunt and torn tips from the stars not being cut all the way through. The Big Shot is powered manually by a hand crank, and I was extra worried that I wouldn’t have the oomf or muscle needed to make it work properly.

How to Cut Felt With Your Sizzix Big Shot MachineI trimmed my felt to fit over the star die and layered them between the two Sizzix cutting pads.

The Sizzix Big Shot cuts through felt quickly and easilyThe hand crank turned out to be ridiculously easy to use, and I got the hang of it in no time!

Cutting Felt Stars with the Sizzix Big ShotLook at that! Perfect crisp stars with clean cuts ALL the way through – every time!

Cut Felt Quickly and Easily with the Sizzix Big ShotThe Big Shot machine worked like a champ on my felt! I cut extra stars for a future project, and I was able to crank out 200 stars in about half an hour – impressive! Not only is the Big Shot fast, it’s cutting skills are impeccable. I didn’t have to re-cut a single star by hand or even release any stuck corners or edges!

Cutting Felt Stars with the Sizzix Big Shot MachineI can’t bring myself to throw out these fun scrap pieces. Maybe I’ll turn them into a star flag banner for the next patriotic holiday!

Sewing a Felt Star GarlandThe fun part about these stars is that they are made to be stacked and layered. I whipped out my sewing machine and quickly sewed all of the stars together into a long chain to create the banner. For every 5th-ish star I used either a gold glitter star or a layered stacked star to add some visual interest.

Felt Star Garland Banner Cut with the Sizzix Big ShotI really LOVE the way that it turned out! It’s incredible that a few sheets of inexpensive craft felt can be turned into something with so much visual punch and pizzazz! The felt is also longer lasting and less delicate than the paper banners that I typically make, so I can foresee myself making lots more of these in the future.

Felt Star Superhero Party BannerSimon loved the banner so much that he insisted on photobombing all of my pictures of it!

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