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These 25+ Easy Bento Lunch Box Ideas for Kids are great for encouraging picky eaters to try new foods! These kids bento box lunches are quick, easy, and totally adorable!

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If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest during back-to-school season, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen some elaborate and intricate bento lunch boxes like these:

adorable bento box lunch idea for kids featuring a hello kitty face and cute characters
Source: Design Swan
adorable bento box lunch for kids that has animal shaped foods
Source: Cooking Gallery

I’m SUPER impressed with the level of skill and talent that these lunchbox artists possess, but most of us parents don’t have the time it takes to create such incredible food art! Luckily for us, there are TONS of cute kids bento box ideas that only take a few minutes to create! I’ve rounded up 25+ of my favorite quick and easy bento lunch boxes for kids – more than enough to get us through an entire month’s worth of school lunches!

25+ Kids Bento Lunch Box Ideas

monkey shaped lunch box item with snacksThis Funky Monkey Bento Lunch Box from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons looks super impressive, but it’s SO easy to make!

adorable koala bear bento box All it takes is a cute shaped sandwich cutter to make this adorable Koala Kids Bento Lunch Box from Bento-logy!

cute smiling panda bento box with sunflowers nearbyThis adorable Panda Bento Box from How About Cookie uses a similar sandwich cutter for a cute lunch that couldn’t be easier to make!

bento box flowers made from fruits and snacksThis Flower Bento Lunch Box from Parenting is easy peasy to whip up following their quick step-by-step instructions!

clock bento box idea for kids lunchesIt’s easy to turn an ordinary sandwich into a clock like this Reading Time Bento Box from This Lunch Rox!

colorful fruit rainbow box with bunny rabbit character insideIt doesn’t take much effort at all to arrange this adorable Bunny Eats a Rainbow Bento Lunch Box from Happy Little Bento!

snacks arranged to look like flowers in bento boxThis sweet Flower Bento Box is simple to make using just a cookie cutter set and basic food arrangement!

funny minion shaped sandwiches in bento box Make an easy Minion Bento Box with Bento-logy!

smiling frog sandwich in kids bento box I can’t get over how cute this Frog Bento Lunch Box from Bento Lunch is! And, you guessed it, it’s also made using my favorite animal sandwich cutter set!

snake bento box lunch box for kidsThis Slithery Snake Kids Bento Box is an easy way to turn a sandwich into a creepy cute meal!

pacman bento box with cute shaped snacksThis Pac-Man Bento Box is a ton of fun!

sandwiches cut into dinosaurs in lunch boxWendolonia is a wealth of simple bento box resources including this fun Dinosaur Bento Box for kids!

lady bug sandwich idea for kids lunch boxThis Ladybug BLT would make a perfect bento lunch box addition!

mermaid bento box lunch ideaHow cute is this Mermaid Bento Lunch Box from Happy Little Bento? LOVE it!

cloud shaped sandwich and apple slice umbrella in packI absolutely adore this sweet Cloud and Umbrella Bento Box from Cute Food for Kids! SO cute!

dragonflies, sun and flowers all made from fruitsThis Dragonfly and Flowers Bento Board from Driscoll’s is all about the arrangement of the pieces with minimal prep necessary!

baseball mound themed bento box

Turn your favorite sandwich into a baseball diamond with this easy tutorial from Parenting!

fun star wars themed bento box lunch idea for kidsBent On Better Lunches nailed it with this easy-to-make Star Wars Bento Lunch Box idea!

shark week bento box ideaAnd this Shark Week Bento Box is super fun, too!

flower shaped fruits and sandwich in lunch boxThis Bloomin’ Bento Box is super quick, easy, and adorable!

smiling rain cloud sandwich with sun and rain drops made from foodsThis sweet Challah Bread Cloud is so cute and super easy to make!

school rocks fruit bento boxThis School Rocks Bento Lunch Box would make a great first day of school lunch!

tortoise pita pocket bento lunchMake a quick and easy Tortise Bento Lunch Box using pita pockets and a food coloring marker!

caterpillar snack or lunch idea on plateYou can’t get much easier than this cute Caterpillar Sandwich!

cute mouse face bento boxEeek! This Waffle & PB Mouse Bento Box is the cutest!




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25 quick and easy bento lunch boxes

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