Vintage Fan Makeover

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This vintage Kwik Kool fan makeover only took about 30 minutes and a couple of colors of spray paint to turn it from drab to amazing! 

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I’ve had this vintage fan sitting in my office for over a year now, just begging for a modern makeover, but I was dragging my feet and being super indecisive about which colors to use. I polled Happiness is Homemade readers, and the overwhelming majority told me that this fan NEEDED to be a combination of white, mint, and gold.

Well, okay then. (Now I know who to turn to for quick opinions and advice! Thanks, y’all!)

Disassembled Vintage Kwik Kool FanI started by taking apart all of the nuts and bolts that were holding the fan together and opening up the electrical components. The inside was filthy with age, but everything was in working order. My hubby (who happens to be an electrical contractor) suggested that it would need a new power cord to maintain modern safety standards, but I opted to remove the cord altogether (rendering it inoperable). The vintage blades are super sharp and not very well protected when the fan is in motion, and I didn’t want any accidents with all of the curious little fingers that we have around here.

I separated the fan into pieces, and used my favorite Rust-Oleum spray paints – Gloss White for the blades, Metallic Gold for the cage, and Gloss Ocean Mist for the body.

Give an Old Fan a New Look with PaintI gave all the pieces two light coats of spray paint, allowed it to dry completely, and then reassembled the fan – easy peasy!

Vintage Fan Makeover

Vintage Fan Painted MakeoverI am totally in love with the way it turned out! This is one of those projects that sat on my desk for ages, and once it was finished, I wondered why it took me so long to get started in the first place!

Updated Vintage Fan MakeoverWhat a huge difference!

Mint and Gold Vintage Fan

Vintage Fan - Kwik KoolOne of my favorite parts is that I was able to keep the original gold Kwik Kool logo in the center of the blades – I just cleaned it up a bit, and taped it off really well before spraying the blades white.

Gold and Mint Vintage Fan

updated and freshly painted vintage kwik kool fan I can’t wait to show you how I have this adorable mint and gold vintage fan displayed in my craft room as part of the big new room reveal! Stay tuned!

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