Kids Craft: Streamer Rainbows

With all the rain we’ve been having lately, the boys and I decided that we could use some cheery color to help brighten up the day. Really, they’ll use any excuse they can come up with to get crafty (not that I’m complaining!).

We cut paper plates in half and attached strips of colored tissue paper to the back side. You could use construction paper, crepe paper, or whatever you have on-hand. I got our tissue strips from Oriental Trading Co., and it came with enough to last us a lifetime! Sawyer took advantage of the opportunity to teach Sutton about the correct rainbow color order :)

Then they glued cotton balls to the other side of the plate to create the cloud. At first they attached whole cotton balls, but they soon discovered it was much more fun to shred them up before gluing them down.

Easy peasy, bright and cheery!


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    This is so cute and so simple! I teach adaptive yoga to children with autism & other sensory needs, and we are using a book called “The Rainbow Inside Of Me”. Its about our emotions/energy. This is a perfect art project to go with it. I am going to use it Friday! Thanks for your great blog and creative ideas! :)

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    That is so cute!!! I love it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at For the Kids Friday at Sun Scholars! I’ll be posting the next link party tonight, so be sure to stop by. I can’t wait to see what you have to share this week!

    :) rachel @

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    I love this idea, it will be perfect for the freezing cold winter! I would like to pin this to my Pinterest board. You do not have a “Pin it” button, so I want to ask specific permission to pin it. Please let me know. Thanks.

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    many thanks for ideas!!! I made this rainbow with Alex (I am his nanny) … he was so happy and put it in his room hehehe…

    Fantastic idea!

    I found it on :)

    Many thanks,

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