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A few weeks ago I received a package of kids craft supplies from, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to have the boys to make with them. The company’s craft material of the month is recycled cups, so I assumed we would probably make some goofy monster puppets out of party cups or something along those lines. My boys, however,  had ideas of their own.

Child Led Craft Activity

Sawyer gathered up a small sheet of foam core, a few clothespins, colored paper, glue, and the craft materials sent to us and immediately got to work on a project of his own. In his classroom at school they use a color coded clip chart to track the children’s behavior, and he thought that making our own version for home would be helpful. I love it when my kids are inspired to create something and to follow through with their own vision without any parental intervention. It’s so inspiring to ME to watch them create and work their magic!

Child Led Crafting Mess

A whirlwind of crafting activity (and mess!).

Child Made Behavior Chart

His final clip chart is very similar to the one used at his school – each child begins the day on “Ready to Listen” (green), and then they move their clip up or down periodically throughout the day according to their behavior. The goal is to have a “Red Day” (Outstanding), which results in a reward (in our case, staying up an extra 15 minutes after bedtime), so there are three increments to move your clip up to get to that. On the flip side, there are only two steps downward until the child receives a consequence (Purple – “Parent’s Choice”).

Behavior Chart

I really can’t believe how effective this has been for us! When my kids are in school, the first words out of their mouths after school are always “I was on {insert color} today!”, and we’re having the same results at home. It’s incredible how motivating it is for them! My husband is now greeted at the door by the boys telling him “their color.” I love it so much that I created a free printable for anyone else who’d like to try it in their home! Just print it out, glue it on to a piece of foam core board, trim, add a ribbon and hang up.

Color Coded Behavior ChartEasy peasy and totally useful! Of course, you could get fancy and decorate your clothespins with fabric or patterned paper too. Or glitter tape. Glitter tape is awesome. Now I’m thinking that I need to go back and add glitter tape to mine too.

Rainbow Behavior Clip ChartDownload your free printable COLOR CODED BEHAVIOR CHART today!



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      Thanks for the link to the original source! My boys use this system in their school classroom, but I had no idea where it originated.

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      Thanks, Leah! This has been one of the ONLY behavior/chore/reward charts that all three of my boys respond well to – it’s been a lifesaver! Hopefully it will work well for you too! :)

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