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Remember a few weeks ago when I teased this sneak peek of a pair of ’80s inspired stamped shoes that I made? Well, then I got busy re-branding and redesigning my blog, and I haven’t even had a minute to edit the rest of the photos until today (some have watermarks from the old blog since they’ve been sitting around for so long). Better late than never, right?

80’s Inspired Geometric Stamped Shoes

stamped slip on shoes

I originally wanted to create a pair of vintage skater-style slip-on shoes for one of my boys, but I couldn’t find any inexpensive Vans or Toms knockoffs in their sizes. When I spied this white pair in MY size, I figured that I could totally rock some old-school kicks myself.

Shoe Painting Supplies Set Up

For this project, I used Tulip Soft fabric paints and Tulip Puffy dimensional paints. I carved a basic triangle stamp from a carving block and mixed my own paint colors from the ones that I had on hand and available.

Newspaper Stuffed Shoes

Tightly packing the toe of the shoes with newspaper gives a firm surface for stamping.

Stamped Puff Paint Geometric Patterned Shoes

I poured a small amount of black fabric paint onto a paper plate, dipped my stamp, and started placing triangles onto the toe of the shoes in a staggered pattern. I tried to keep the same number of triangles per row and left space to add a few colored triangles later.

Fabric Paint Stamped Toms Shoes

I used the herringbone stamp that I carved a while ago to add a fun detail to the heel of the shoes.

Stamped Fabric Painted Shoes

When the black paint was dry, I went back and added some pops of color with bright coral, aqua, and lime triangles. If you have keen eyes you might notice that I messed up on the second row from the top and only did 3 triangles when the other shoe has 4. It drives my OCD nature CRAZY, but I still love them! 😉

fun diy Stamped Shoes

Perfect for kicking back on a hot summer afternoon (bonus points if you wear them with a splatter-painted shirt as well!). I think I’m in love with fabric stamping! In fact, I just might have picked up two more pairs of shoes that are eagerly awaiting a makeover!

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  1. Those are some very cool shoes! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

    Take care,