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This Peaches and Cream Soap smells incredible, and you can whip up a batch in just a few minutes! Makes a great DIY homemade holiday gift idea! Perfect for friends, family, neighbors, and teachers!

DIY Peaches and Cream Soap - Quick & Easy Homemade Gift IdeaAffiliate Links

Summer may be winding down in some parts of the country, but we’re still in the thick of things here in Nor Cal, and I’ve got summer fruit on my mind! These peaches and cream soaps are super easy to make, and they smell beyond delicious! Over the years, I’ve made a lot of different soaps, but my family has declared that this one is the VERY BEST of them all!

Peaches and Cream Swirled Homemade Soap

I made two different versions (layered and swirled) of my peaches and cream soap, and they both look great and smell divine!

What You’ll Need to Make Peaches & Cream Soap:

I usually work with about 1 lb (or half of the block) of soap base at a time, which makes four large 4-ounce soaps. I slice the soap base into cubes (it cuts easily with a kitchen knife), place them inside a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup, and melt in the microwave in 20-30 second increments, stirring well after each microwave session to ensure that the soap is completely melted. For 1 lb of soap, I generally microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for another 30 seconds, stir once again, and microwave a final time for 20 seconds.

DIY Watermelon Soap mixing intervals instructions

When the soap base is completely melted, add the peach soap colorant and peach fragrance oil (about 10 drops).

To make swirled soap, divide the melted soap between two measuring cups, and add peach soap colorant to one cup. Alternate filling the molds with small amounts of each color until they are filled, and then use a toothpick to swirl the colors together. (Note: work quickly to swirl the soap before it starts to cool and thicken!) 

To make layered soap, fill half of the mold with peach colored soap, and allow it to cool and partially firm before repeating the process to create the white layer (omit the soap colorant this time).

Allow the soap molds to sit undisturbed until completely cool (about 30-90 minutes depending on temperature/humidity).

Wrapping Homemade Peach Soap for Gift Giving

Wrap a bundle of soaps with pretty ribbons for an easy and inexpensive DIY gift idea!

DIY Peaches and Cream Soap

Peaches and Cream Soap - Great DIY Homemade Gift Idea

Goat’s milk soap is great for keeping skin healthy and moisturized, and it even boasts anti-aging properties thanks to its high Vitamin A and AHA content. Goat’s milk soap is gentle and mild and usually safe for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

DIY Peaches and Cream Soap - Easy Homemade Gift Idea

The peach fragrance is definitely a family favorite, and my kids ask for this kind of soap every time now! I can’t blame them though – it’s my favorite scent now, too!

diy homemade peaches and cream soap with gift bow

Whip up a batch of these cute peaches and cream soaps, and keep them on-hand for unexpected and last-minute gift giving! They’re perfect for birthdays and holiday gifts!

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10 Minute DIY Peaches and Cream Soap - Easy Homemade Gift Idea


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  1. HELLO!!! I enjoyed reading DIY comments looking frowrad to trying these ideals !
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Hi there! I am going to attempt to make these and don’t want to mess them up Lol. When you dump the first half in the mold, how long should you let sit until partially cool and hard before adding top layer? Thank you!

  3. What is the shelve life of the soaps? My daughter is getting married in April and she is considering doing these as wedding favors.

    1. As long as you wrap the soaps in plastic wrap or in a plastic Ziploc bag, they will last a VERY long time! I don’t have an exact length of time, but I still have soaps that I made two years ago that look as good as new! With layered soap, however, you will find that over time the colors of the different layers can start to bleed into one another (in this case, they would just mix a bit so that the layers aren’t as clearly defined), so I would suggest making these no more than 3-4 weeks before the event.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Heidi. It is timely because this year, I am making holiday gifts. I haven’t made soap before, so wish me luck!

    1. I haven’t tried it with this particular soaps, Tammy, but I don’t see why not! If you try it, let me know how it works out! 🙂

  5. Hi Heidi, This sounds like a great recipe. Is there any substitution for the goat’s milk base? My daughter is vegan and I’d like to make a soap similar to this as a Christmas gift. Thank you!

    1. Absolutely, Leslie! Shea butter soap base makes a great vegan-friendly alternative to the goat’s milk base this recipe! 🙂

  6. I am a nightly bath taker and have been for years. I buy only good quality soaps, often made by home based businesses, which I heartily support. I enjoyed your post enough that I bought everything you listed so I can make my own soaps and see if I enjoy it as much as your posting family has. Your blog made it sound simple, fun, and satisfying. I wanted to thank you and your posters for the inspiration. MJB

  7. Do you use one lb per part or half a lb per part? Like if you’re doing the half white and half peach, do you use a half a lb for each part?

  8. Hi!
    How many drops of the colorant and how many drops of the fragrance? You mentioned 10 drops but I’m not sure if that’s a total between the two or separate.


  9. I love the smell of peaches and cream, someone once bought me a peaches and cream car smelly and it was so delightful.

    1. Hi Debra, the cost per bar will depend on if you have any of the materials on-hand or not (for example, once you have purchased a soap mold, you can use it forever). Starting brand new, I’d estimate the initial cost per bar to be around $2.50, but it will drop closer to $1.50 once you have the molds, fragrance oil, and other items that you can continue to re-use for quite awhile. You can also use your craft store coupons to get the cost even lower! Thanks for stopping by!