From the Studio that brought you How to Train Your Dragon comes the new #1 Original Animated Movie of the Year, Abominable! Download & print the FREE Abominable Memory Match Game to play on your next family movie night! 

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Abominable Movie + Memory Match Game

The holiday season is here, and it is the perfect time to cozy up for a family movie night! Now available on Digital, and on Blu-ray and DVD on December 17th, Abominable is a heartwarming family adventure that makes a great holiday gift idea! 

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Abominable tells the tale of three young friends, Yi, Jin, and Peng, who discover a yeti on their rooftop and set off on an epic adventure to reunite the magical creature (named Everest) with his family. As they travel across China to find his home, Everest helps his new friends find their inner bravery and discover where they truly belong, too. 

abominable with characters from movie
(from left) – Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor), Peng (Albert Tsai) and Yi (Chloe Bennet) with the Yeti, Everest, in DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio’s Abominable, written and directed by Jill Culton.
kids snuggled in blanket ready to watch abominable movie

We hosted a cousin sleepover last week and gave the kids a sneak peek of Abominable, and they absolutely loved it! (Even the puppy wanted to get in on the fun!😂) 

kids watching abominable movie on home tv

shot of scene from abominable movieMusic and magic are two integral parts to the story of Abominable, and they combine together to produce a film that’s both visually stunning and pleasing to the ear.  

child watching the abominable movie wearing tea collection shirt
kids in abominable blanket with stuffed animal

These usually-squirmy kids were absolutely glued to their seats, and they completely fell in love with Everest – Everest EVERYTHING is now at the top of their Christmas wish lists! 

Abominable Memory Match Game

abominable memory match game cards

To give the kids some more of their new favorite characters, I created this fun Abominable memory match game that you can play before or after watching the movie! 

abominable memory match game for kids

The printable cards feature the main characters from the film along with some of the most memorable movie scenes. 

cutting out memory game cards

To play the game, begin by printing out the sheets of game cards and cutting out the individual cards with scissors or a paper trimmer. 

kids playing abominable memory match game

Arrange the cards face down into a 4 x 6 layout. 

kids smiling with abominable toy ready to play game
boy picking memory card while little girl watches

Take turns flipping over two cards. 

memory cards revealed for game

Do the cards match? If not, turn the cards back face down, and move on to the next player. 

boy showing his memory card game choice to kids
abominable memory match game cards

If the cards match, the player takes those cards and takes another turn. 

girl choosing her memory card
boy won game of match

Continue collecting pairs of matched cards until there are no cards left on the board. The winner is the person with the most cards! 

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