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Add instant curb appeal to your home with quick and easy DIY “window box” planters, and add a pop of bold color to brighten up the space!  

Front Porch Lacking Curb Appeal BeforeLast year I painted our patio set a vibrant aqua color, and bought bright blue and purple chevron seat cushions in the hopes of adding a pop of color to our front patio. Unfortunately, when the patio set was sitting under the shade of the porch, the splash of color practically disappeared and looked washed out. Drought conditions in California this year have forced our entire neighborhood to adopt a brown front lawn policy, and without lush green grass the entire yard was looking sad and colorless. I knew that we needed to do something to bring the color and fun back to our front patio right away!

Power Washing Furniture with the Gilmour Flexagon and Metal Power Jet WandI started by moving the patio furniture into the backyard where I could give it a power washing with my Gilmour Flexogen hose and Metal Power Jet Wand. We’re on strict water restrictions here due to the drought, so I placed the furniture on the lawn so that I could clean the furniture and water the grass at the same time with the over spray. Win-win! 

The USA-made Flexogen hose is perfect for power washing because of its high burst abilities and extreme flexibility due to its eight layer design (most hoses have only six!) and oxygen infused foam. The combination of the Flexogen and the Gilmour Metal Power Jet Wand are perfect for any tough cleaning job! I also gave the front patio a quick once over to remove the layer of dust and cobwebs that had settled there over the past few months.

Giving Patio Furniture a Fresh Coat of PaintI set up my spray painting tent and gave the patio furniture a fresh coat of dark blue paint to coordinate with the front door color.

Painting DIY Window Box PlantersWe built two simple wood boxes to serve as “window box” planters for the front porch, and I spray painted them in “Seaside.”

Attaching DIY Window Planter Boxes with Plumbing StrapsWe attached plumbing straps to the back of the window boxes, and wrapped and secured them to the top rail of the porch fences.

DIY Window Box PlantersI love the color combination of aqua, purple and magenta – so bright and cheery! I filled the two window boxes with colorful petunias, trimmed the bushes around the patio, and added a fresh layer of bark mulch to the planting area.

Brightly Colored Window Boxes Add Instant Curb AppealNow that’s the pop of color I was hoping for!

Easy Stenciled Welcome Mat DIY Craft ProjectI also stenciled a new doormat for the porch while I was at it.

Stenciled Hello Welcome Mat

Watering Our New Window Boxes with the Gilmour Flexogen and SprayerThe boys have been enjoying taking care of the new window box planters too. They earn screen time for doing chores and helping out around the house, so watering the window boxes has quickly become one of their favorite chores. The Gilmour Watering Durable Metal Sprayer makes it easy for them with a comfortable soft grip and easy-to-read settings. We use the sprayer on the “flowers” setting for the window boxes, and every few days we use the “garden” setting to water the deeper roots. 

bright window box planters in entryway This entire front porch update was a super quick and easy way to add curb appeal to our home for very little time or money. I know that with the help of our favorite Gilmour gardening tools, we’ll keep this area looking fresh and colorful for years to come! To stay up to date with the latest Gilmour news and product information, be sure to follow Gilmour on Facebook

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  1. My wife wants to plant an herb garden but we don’t really have a good place for it. So we are looking to buy (or build) some kind of planter that could be used for our little garden and I love your idea. The color is a beautiful choice and so vibrant! This definitely gives me some good ideas to work with. How long did this project take you? Thanks for the idea!

    1. Looks lovely and good for the boys taking care of the flowers. Love his dye tied sweater. Keep up the good work. always nice to see children learning and helping.