This vintage Coca-Cola soda crate got a re-purposed upcycled makeover and was turned into a stylish washi tape storage shelf! Great craft room accessory! 

Dirty Old Vintage Coca Cola Soda CrateI picked up this dirty old vintage soda crate from a yard sale a few months ago for $2. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I thought it was super cool, and I had to have it. It hung out in our garage with an ever-growing collection of spiderwebs until a couple of weeks ago when I realized it would make a perfect storage shelf for my washi tape collection.

Dirty Old Soda CrateThose little cubbies are exactly the right size to store rolls of washi tape!

Vintage Coca Cola Soda Crate

You can see by the hints of red paint on the side that this was a vintage Coca-Cola crate, and I really wished that I had been able to salvage the crate in the condition that it was in. Unfortunately, the original paint was so flaky and loose that it fell right off of the crate with the slightest touch, and I knew that wasn’t going to work in my craft room.

Vintage Soda CrateI gave the crate a quick power washing to remove the dirt and spiderwebs (along with the remainder of the paint), and then sanded the entire piece.

Painting a Vintage Soda Crate for Washi Tape StorageI spray painted the interior of the crate white so that my washi tape would have a bright and clean background to stand against. I wanted to add some of the yellow color back to the crate, so I used Chalky Finish paint to repaint the sides.

Refinishing a vintage soda crateI finished with a dark wax to give the yellow an aged look and bring out some of the text impressions and details in the wood.

vintage soda crate used for washi tape storage I love, love, love it!

Recycled Vintage Soda Crate to Washi Tape Storage Shelf

Soda Crate Washi Tape Storage Shelf

Washi Tape Storage CrateMy mint green pegboard wall is slowly coming together, and my new craft room is almost finished! I can’t wait to show off the finished space!

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Repurposed Vintage Soda Crate to Washi Tape Storage Shelf


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    1. You can generally find pegboard and assorted hooks at Home Depot, Lowes, and Ikea. They may be a little harder to find at the moment since so many people are buying them as they set up at-home school spaces for their children, but that’s where they are usually carried! 🙂