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Spend some quality time with the family today making one of these beautiful butterfly crafts for kids! What kid doesn’t love butterflies? With their beautiful colors, fluttery wings, and their ability to make anyone who sees them smile, it’s no wonder they’ve inspired so many creative projects!

15 Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Cute Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Making crafts together with your family is a great way to spend some quality family time, and one of the best things about these butterfly crafts is that most of them use inexpensive materials that you probably already have at home! Toilet paper rolls, paper plates, coffee filters, and tissue paper are just a few examples of the materials needed. Don’t you love frugal crafts?

While little kids will love the simple projects, older children will enjoy the more advanced crafts like the “stained glass” butterflies, origami, or felt butterflies that can be made into hair clips or magnets.

Whether you’re looking for a spring or summer craft or are going through an insect homeschooling unit with the kids, these butterfly crafts are a fun way to incorporate some art, fine motor practice, and creativity into your day!

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

handprint butterfly kids craft

1. Handprint Butterfly Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: Every mom wants to remember how little her kids’ hands were when they were small, and this beautiful butterfly craft will make a cherished memento for years to come. Make some for the grandparents, too!

paper toilet paper roll tube butterfly crafts

2. Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly from The Best Ideas for Kids: Crafts from recycled materials teach kids a great lesson about reusing as much as possible. Not only does this help you recycle those toilet paper rolls, but it’s a great craft for using up some old buttons, too. Wouldn’t this look cute on a shelf in your child’s room?

butterfly ring worn on childs hand

3. Butterfly Ring from Fantastic Fun and Learning: This ring will put a smile on your kids faces for sure! They can make the butterflies fly through the air simply by moving their hands. This is a wonderful craft for acting out a butterfly-themed book or for singing a butterfly song.

butterfly black glue kids craft

4. Butterfly Black Glue Craft from Views From a Step Stool: Even toddlers can complete this absolutely gorgeous craft! The black glue used to trace the template creates a border that kids can easily work with.

paper plate and doily butterfly kids craft

5. Paper Plate Butterfly from Artsy Momma: This pink and red butterfly with heart-shaped doily wings is an adorable craft for Valentine’s Day! You could easily change out the colors and materials to make it a year-round craft as well.

footprint ring dish made to look like butterfly

6. Clay Footprint Butterfly Ring Dish from Messy Little Monster: Create a keepsake that you’ll not only love, but that you’ll actually use every single day. This beautiful butterfly ring dish made from your baby’s little footprints will make a wonderful grandparent gift!

two butterflies made from paper

7. Paper Butterfly Craft from Mess for Less: The printable template makes it easy to craft these adorable paper butterflies. Just look at those friendly butterfly faces! This craft is as simple as cutting, gluing, and drawing faces. Easy peasy!

no sew felt butterflies

8. No Sew Felt Butterflies from A Cultivated Nest: You’ll find so many uses for these felt butterflies! They’re perfect for magnets, hair clips, or for adding decorative touches to wreaths and frames. Little ones will need help with the gluing process since this craft calls for hot glue.

colorful coffee filter butterflies

9. Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft from The Simple Parent: This craft turns out beautifully! Once the colors are diluted, they meld together to create beautiful patterns on the coffee filters.

colorful tissue paper butterflies

10. Tissue Paper Butterflies from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops: You probably have everything you need on hand to make these cute tissue paper butterflies. Every mom has a secret stash of tissue paper, right? Cutting the edges of the wings into fun shapes is what makes these butterflies stand out. To make that part of the craft easier, you could use scrapbooking scissors with scalloped or decorative edges.

crepe paper butterflies on paper

11. Crepe Paper Butterflies from Artsy Craftsy Mom: If you’ve thrown a birthday party recently, you probably have some spare crepe paper hidden away in a drawer somewhere. Use it to create these beautiful little butterflies with the kids. What a cute and simple craft that’s fun for all ages!

snack bags tied to look like cute butterflies

12. Butterfly Snack Bags from Natural Beach Living: Crafting and snacking goes together like peanut butter and jelly! After making the clothespin portion of the butterfly, kids can fill their baggies with their favorite snacks like goldfish, mini marshmallows, or grapes.

butterfly sun catchers on window

13. Butterfly Suncatcher from Kids Activities Blog: Brighten up the windows in your home with these lovely butterfly sun catchers! The combination of the bubble wrap and tissue paper gives a really fun texture to the wings.

chunky rainbow butterfly crafts

14. Chunky Rainbow Butterfly Craft from The Inspiration Edit: This craft is an adorable choice for preschoolers! With bold colors and simple shapes and lines, the directions are easy for early learners to follow.

giant painted origami butterflies

15. Giant Painted Origami Butterflies from Pink Stripey Socks: This is two craft projects in one! Kids with an interest in origami will love learning how to make a butterfly, and for the younger kiddos who may have difficulty with folding, painting the wings will be lots of fun.

Pin this list of butterfly crafts to come back to anytime you need a creative break in your day!

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15 cute butterfly crafts to make with the kids



15 butterfly crafts to make with the kids



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