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These 50+ quick and easy kids crafts can be made in under 30 minutes using items that you probably already have around the house! No special tools or skills are required, so ANYONE can make these cute crafts for kids! Great fun for the entire family!

50+ Quick & Easy Kids Crafts

50+ quick and easy kids crafts

One of the #1 things that people often say to me is, “I would love to make creative projects with my kids, but I’m just not crafty. I don’t even know where to start!” My reply is always, “Trust me, you do NOT need to consider yourself ‘crafty’ to start getting creative with your children!”  There are hundreds upon hundreds of craft projects that you can make with your children that require NO special skills or tools and that take less than half an hour of your time. In fact, most of these 50+ quick and easy kids craft project ideas that I’ve rounded up here actually take less than FIFTEEN minutes to make!

Why Craft with Your Kids? 

A recent study by Dr. Richard Rende revealed that creative interaction between parents and young children engaging in activities like arts and crafts not only provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits but also creates a unique bonding experience, which creates lifelong memories. Taking time to be creative with your children is a topic that I am incredibly passionate about. I know firsthand the benefits that children reap when they are exposed to arts and crafts activities, and in an age where arts are in a decline in the school systems, it is even more important than ever for parents to take the initiative to introduce art activities to their children.

Other key findings of Dr. Rende’s study showed that:

• Arts and crafts engage multiple brain areas simultaneously and
improve bilateral coordination between the left and right sides of
the brain, leading to immediate and future cognitive development.
• Activities like arts and crafts accelerate the development of muscles
in the hands and fingers, improving fine motor skills that are
essential for school success in the earliest formal years.
• Face-to-face interaction in the early years is critical for optimal
social development.
• Arts and crafts promote rich social interactions that help develop
language skills and social cognitive abilities like understanding
• Creative activities are a great way to bond with children and create
lasting memories.
 kids making quick and easy crafts

Nearly 90% of the parents surveyed for the study said that they would like to spend more time creating arts and crafts with their children, but they didn’t know where to start or how to carve out the time needed.

With this list of quick and simple crafts, I’m hoping that I can show you that there is always an easy to bond and spend creative time together. It’s SO simple!

50+ Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids


tin can wind socksThese Recycled Tin Can Windsocks are one of my family’s favorite crafts to make (we’ve also made a turkey version for Thanksgiving!), and they only require a recycled can, paint, glue, and ribbon!


homemade microwave puffy paint for kidsMicrowave Puffy Paint is a TON of fun! Simply squeeze the easy 4-ingredient paint on to your paper and microwave your artwork for a few seconds to watch the paint puff up and grow right before your eyes! A fantastic way to combine art + science!


colorful hanging keys on rainbow branchTurn old keys into a Colorful DIY Key Windchime for your yard or garden!


small toy planes made from clothespins and craft sticks These Airplane Clothespins are super easy to make, and they’re super cute, too! All it takes is a clothespin, some craft foam, and glue!


rainbow paper plate streamer craft Tissue Paper Streamer Rainbows are always a huge hit with kids of all ages! Easy enough for toddlers, but cute enough that the big kids always want to make them, too!


marble run game made from toilet paper rolls
If you have glue/tape, scissors, and a stash of leftover tp and paper towel rolls, you can create your very own DIY Cardboard Marble Run – easy peasy, and SO much fun!
bird seed made into tree ornaments
Bird Seed Ornaments are a fun easy kids craft that your feathered friends will also enjoy!
watercolor bubble painting picture
Bubble Painting is a fun way to create art with your children! Easily craft your artwork into notecards, bookmarks, and more for fun homemade gift ideas!
painted garden flowers on garden sticks
Make these adorable Garden Flowers with clear plastic paints and acrylic paint!
sharpie tie dye bookmark
Tie Dye Sharpie Bookmarks are another fun kids craft that can also double as a sweet homemade gift idea!
perler beads made into a bowl
Perler Bead Bowls are not only a fun craft for kids to make, they are also a great way to organize your trinkets and treasures!
pour painted pot with rainbow colors
Got paint and five minutes? That’s all it takes to create these gorgeous Pour Painted Flower Pots!

Quick & Easy Kids Crafts

tissue paper heart crowns for kids
With a little bit of parental assistance, even toddlers can create these awesome Stained Glass Heart Crowns
cute outdoor banner hung up outside
Can you guess what this pretty Stained Glass Pennant Bunting is made from? I bet you already have all the materials needed!
clothespin catapult kids activity
This Clothespin Catapult is a BLAST! Quick and easy to make, it provides hours of family entertainment!
painting made from monster trucks

Quick & Easy Kids Crafts

Have an abundance of toy cars and trucks around? Put ’em to creative use with this colorful Monster Truck Painting!
salad spinner fireworks kids craft
These fun “fireworks” were created using a salad spinner! Customize your color scheme to match your decor or upcoming holiday colors and turn your Salad Spinner Fireworks into fun Spin Art Notecards!
melted bead sun catchers
Kids crafting can’t get much easier than these pretty Melted Bead Sun Catchers!
tissue paper bird house craft
Recycle your old milk and juice cartons into colorful Tissue Paper Collage Birdhouses for your feathered friends!
kite made from lunch sack
Lunch Sack Kites are a fun easy kids craft that’s perfect for a windy day!
paper flowers made from cup cake liners
These adorable Cupcake Liner Flowers are a breeze to create!
kid playing with princess wand
Easy DIY Princess Wands are so simple to make! Perfect for birthday parties!
tree made with buttons
Buttons, glue, paint, and a blank canvas are all that you need to make this gorgeous Button Tree Art Canvas!
paper dream catchers in garden
These Paper Dream Catchers are SO cool and a great way to chase those scary dreams away!
paper flowers in vase
These Pretty Paper Flowers would make a great homemade gift idea for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or May Day!
pasta necklaces on table
Dyed Pasta Necklaces are one of those classic kids crafts that never goes out of style! Quick, easy, and inexpensive – now that’s my kind of crafting!
4th of july rockets
These Recycled TP Roll Rockets are a fun kids craft for 4th of July or any time of year!
pine cone bird feeder
 Pinecone Bird Feeders are a favorite nature craft for kids (and the birds love it, too!)!
DIY rain sticks craft for kids
These super cool DIY Rainsticks mimic the sound of rain!
paper straw tulip craft
How adorable are these Paper Straw Tulips? And SO easy to make! A bouquet of these would make a great homemade gift!
wool wrapped vase with flowers
Make this quick and easy Yarn Wrapped Vase to add a splash of color to your decor!
kid stamping flowers with bottom of bottle onto paper
Before you recycle those plastic bottles, use them to make Soda Bottle Flower Stamped Art!
beach sand and shells monogram art
Make a Beach Themed Monogram with shells and sand from your last beach vacation (or they often carry sand and shells at the dollar store as well!)!
paper roll binoculars kids craft
Every little kid loves to create their own pair of TP Roll Binoculars! Another classic kids craft that’s an all-time favorite!
milk jug fairy house
This Recycled Milk Jug Fairy House can be decorated with almost any embellishments that your heart desires – stickers, glitter, feathers, paper, and more!
paper heart doily banners
This sweet Paper Heart Doily Banner is so simple to make!
cherry blossom tree made from tissue paper
Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite things about springtime, so it’s no wonder I LOVE this Tissue Paper Cherry Blossom kids craft!
contact paper cellophane stained glass window kids craft
The design possibilities are endless with this easy “Stained Glass” Window – made with Contact paper and cellophane!
colorful monogram letter craft
Let your creativity run wild and experiment with different materials in this Mixed Media Monogram craft!
pom pom rainbow kids craft
Kids who love to sort and put things into color order will especially love this fun Pom Pom Rainbow craft for kids!
tissue paper shell for a turtle
Kids love making this easy and colorful Tissue Paper and Paper Plate Turtle!
sunshine paper streamers kids craft
These Paper Plate Sunshines are seriously one of the cutest kids crafts ever! Adorable and super easy to create!
family of snails kids crafts
 These Coffee Filter Snails are so cute!
 summer sun sewing craft
This cheery Summer Sun Sewing Craft can also double as a dream catcher!

flower lei made from paper

Just a few basic supplies are all that you need to make this awesome Hawaiian Flower Lei Necklace!


ladybug painted rocks in garden

These cute Ladybug Rocks are just one of the many ways that you can paint and decorate rocks! Perfect for decorating your yard and garden!


paper plate hand held fans

Paper Plate Fans are a great way to stay cool in summer! A super fun and useful kids craft!


fun spinner craft being played with

These awesome DIY Spinner Toys provide hours of entertainment!


kid playing with fire breathing dragon craft

Bring this Fire Breathing Dragon to life with a cardboard tube, tissue paper, pom poms, and googly eyes!


baby turtle gods eyes

These adorable Baby Turtle God’s Eyes couldn’t be any cuter!

No matter which of these fun kids crafts that you and your child choose to create, you’re sure to build lasting memories and have a great time together! Happy crafting!

Quick & Easy Kids Crafts

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50+ quick and easy kids crafts anyone can make no special skills or tools required

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