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Looking for easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids? These fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts require no special tools or equipment (so ANYONE can make them!) and can be completed in around 20 minutes!

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Happiness is Homemade readers LOVE our popular post “50+ Quick & Easy Kids Crafts That Anyone Can Make!” and have been asking me to create more collections of quick and easy kids craft ideas. We’ve followed up with collections for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, and today we’re bringing you 30+ St. Patrick’s Day Kids Crafts That ANYONE Can Make! 

These awesome holiday-themed crafts don’t require any special tools or skills, so they’re great for parents who don’t consider themselves “crafty.” Everyone can get creative with these easy DIY crafts and fun kids activities!

clay flower pots turned upside down and painted as a leprechaun belt kids craft

Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats

These adorable Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats couldn’t be any easier to make! A fun craft for all ages!

rainbow wand for st patricks day

Whimsical Rainbow Shaker Wands

These colorful and Whimsical Rainbow Shaker Wands make such fun projects for your St. Patrick’s day celebration!

kids treat cups for st patricks day made to look like leprechaun hats filled with popcorn and candies

Leprechaun Hat Treats

These Leprechaun Hat Treats are super simple to make and even MORE fun to eat!

rainbow made from paper plate and streamers

Paper Plate Rainbow Crafts

These Paper Plate Rainbows are the perfect rainy day St. Patrick’s Day craft for preschoolers!

leprechaun paper bag kids craft

Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet

The luck o’ the Irish is with this cute little Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet! One of the most fun leprechaun crafts we’ve ever seen!

shamrock made from folding paper

Paper Fan Shamrock Crafts

All you need are paper and glue to make these festive Paper Fan Shamrock Crafts!

leprechaun hats made from painted wooden craft sticks

Craft Stick Leprechaun Hats

These adorable Craft Stick Leprechaun Hats are fun and easy for little hands to assemble!

kids hands holding diy green slime

Shamrock Slime

Shamrock Slime is ooey gooey stretchy squeezy fun of the best kind! One of my favorite St Patrick’s day crafts!

shamrocks made from thumbprints keychain craft

Shamrock Thumbprint Keychains

These cute Shamrock Thumbprint Keychains would make a great gift idea for grandparents!

diy shamrock thumbprint stamp art

St. Patrick’s Day Thumbprint Art

How much fun is this St. Patrick’s Day Thumbprint Art?! I can’t decide which one I like the most!

leprechaun face made from paper plate and paper with tiny shamrock confetti

Paper Bowl Leprechaun

All it takes are a few basic materials to make this super cute Paper Bowl Leprechaun!

colorful shamrock made from salt painting

Rainbow Shamrock Salt Painting

Salt Painting is a ton of fun for all ages (I admit, when my kids salt paint, I usually join in the fun also!), and this Rainbow Shamrock Salt Painting looks super cool!

easy paper plate rainbow kids craft

Easy Paper Plate Rainbow

You can’t get much easier or cuter than this Easy Paper Plate Rainbow kids craft!

a pile of green tissue paper made into shamrock

Crepe Paper Shamrock

Crepe paper shapes are one of my favorite holiday crafts, and this Crepe Paper Shamrock is super fun! If you don’t have crepe paper, you can use tissue paper or pom poms to make your four-leaf clovers instead!

rainbow colored paper twirler hung outside a garage

End of the Rainbow Twirlers

These cute End of the Rainbow Twirlers are made using construction paper and paper plates – easy peasy!

two toilet paper roll tube leprechaun hats on wooden table

Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Hats

Here’s another fun paper leprechaun hat idea! These TP Roll Leprechaun Hats are a quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day kids craft that requires hardly any time or materials!

rainbow made from colored pasta noodles strung to a cotton ball cloud

Rainbow Mobile

Take your macaroni necklace skills up a notch with this adorable Rainbow Mobile, a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft!

unicorn paper plate craft decorated for st patricks day

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Plate Unicorn

Unicorns are super trendy right now, so it only makes sense that there’s a St. Patrick’s Day Unicorn craft!

rainbow paper chain with a leprechaun hat on one end and a pot of gold on the other end

Rainbow Pot of Gold Craft

This Rainbow Pot of Gold Craft is quick and easy to make, and it’s a SUPER cute craft, too!

rainbow paper shamrock kids craft

Rainbow Paper Shamrocks

These Rainbow Paper Shamrocks are so pretty and make such easy crafts! They pack a big visual punch for a craft that’s made entirely of paper!

handprint craft made into leprechaun head

Leprechaun Handprint

Handprint crafts are classics for the holidays, and this Leprechaun Handprint is extra cute!

hand print pressed into salt dough with a shamrock shape cutout labeled with the year

Rainbow Handprint Keepsake

Speaking of handprint crafts, this Rainbow Handprint Keepsake is SO cool! The shamrock opening serves as a photo frame, too! They make such fun activities for the whole family!

leprechaun printable puppet with string attached and shamrocks

Paper Leprechaun Puppet

Print out this adorable Leprechaun Puppet and have fun acting out your own leprechaun stories! Kids of all ages will love putting on a show using their own little leprechauns!

rainbow jewelry in the shape of cloud, star, and heart

Rainbow Jewelry

Quickly and easily make pretty Rainbow Jewelry with polymer clay! A simple craft even older kids can enjoy! A fun holiday craft idea that will last long past the season!

rainbow made from perler beads

Perler Bead Rainbows

Use your circle Perler bead pegboard to create this adorable Perler Bead Rainbow!

rainbow colored onto paper plate and shamrock stamped into another paper plate and colored green with gold coin background

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Tambourines

These Paper Plate Tambourines are SO much fun! I love that they made use of both sides for the shamrock and rainbow motifs!

shamrock garland made from painted egg carton cups on yellow background

Shamrock Garland

Can you guess what this fun Shamrock Garland is made from? I bet you have one or two of these around the house! These three-leaf clovers will look so great hanging around your entry way or front door!

st patricks day fluffy slime with gold coin background

St. Patrick’s Day Fluffy Slime

If your kids are still into the slime craze, they’ll love this St. Patrick’s Day Fluffy Slime! The texture is so soft, smooth, and squishy! Don’t forget to add a few gold coins for extra fun!

pot of gold made from paper plate, colored black with yellow buttons glued to the top

Pot of Gold Craft

This Pot of Gold Craft is so simple to make, and it looks awesome! I love all the texture that those buttons add!

shamrock made from cupcake liners glued to paper with gold heart in the middle

Cupcake Liners Shamrocks

These Cupcake Liner Shamrocks are easy peasy to make, so they’re perfect for even the youngest crafters!



No matter what kind of St. Patrick’s Day kids crafts you’re looking for this year, there’s sure to be something in this collection to suit your needs! There are SO many fun ideas for everyone!

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