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Age Level: This spring word search is recommended for elementary school-aged children through adults. Younger kids may require adult assistance.

We love printable word searches around here (we have one for almost every major holiday!) – they’re a fun activity that also help to expand your vocabulary, pattern-finding skills, and cognitive abilities. I’d call that a win-win!

This fun spring-themed word search puzzle is filled with fifteen seasonal words just waiting to be discovered! A great activity for spring break, a rainy day, or any time of the season!

Close-up of printable spring word search with circled words on pink background with colorful pens

How to Play: Word Search Puzzles

Word searches are puzzles where a list of words is concealed within a grid of letters. Each word from the provided word lists or “dictionary” can be found amongst the scrambled letters. When you spot a word, simply circle it on the letter grid.

The goal is to find all of the words, often as quickly as possible, or to find the highest number of words in a set amount of time.

Word Direction: this puzzle contains forwards, backwards, up, down, and diagonal words.

Spring Word Search Printable and answer key on light pink background with dark pink pencil

Spring Word Search Word List

This word search puzzle contains the following hidden vocabulary words:

  • Bee
  • Birds
  • Bloom
  • Butterfly
  • Daffodil
  • Daisy
  • Flowers
  • Garden
  • Green
  • Kite
  • Ladybug
  • Nest
  • Picnic
  • Tulip
  • Umbrella

Spring Word Search Tips & Tricks

Occasionally, you may find it challenging to locate all the words in a puzzle. Here are a few tips to help you discover those hidden words more easily:

  • When looking for a specific word, such as “Daisy,” begin at the upper left corner of the word search and quickly scan each line for the letter “D.” Once you find a “D,” check if the adjacent letters form the sequence “A,” “I,” and so on, until you spell out the entire word “DAISY.”
  • Alternatively, you can break the puzzle into smaller chunks or sections and search for your starting letter in these areas, rather than scanning line by line.
  • If your word contains a unique letter that doesn’t appear frequently in the puzzle, for example, the K in “Kite,” searching for that letter can speed up the process as well.

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Get the Colorful Spring Word Search Puzzle Here

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