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These free teacher appreciation printables can be mailed to your favorite teacher to let them know how much you appreciate them! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

teacher appreciation printables collage

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a gift idea for teacher appreciation week or you need a gift for the end of the year, these teacher appreciation printables will help you and your kids create cute, unique, and meaningful gifts for your favorite teachers. You’ll find several fun questionnaires for the kids to complete about their teachers, cool ways to give gift cards, and a few other options.

Since the school year looks very different this year in 2020, we wanted to focus on teacher appreciation printables and gifts that could be sent via mail to your child’s teacher. After such an abrupt end to the school year in many areas, we didn’t get to show our appreciation for our educators the way we usually would. So, if you’d still like to thank a teacher for the impact she or he had on your child, here are some excellent ways to do it!

Cute Teacher Appreciation Printables

Fire up the printer to make one of these sweet gifts, cards, or tokens of appreciation today!

thank you for a great year gift card printable for teachers

Thank You for a Great Year Printable from Where the Smiles Have Been: Use this card to write a sweet note to your teacher as thanks for a great year or attach a gift card for Amazon, a favorite local restaurant, or another store.

teacher appreciation printable flashcards

Teacher Appreciation Printable Flashcards from Urban Bliss Life: These colorful flashcards are an adorable way to show teachers how much they’re appreciated. Don’t forget to include a drawing and note from your little one to make it extra special.

take out gift card printable

Take Out Gift Card Printable from Leap of Faith Crafting: Gift a card from your teacher’s favorite local restaurant with this cute printable that reads, “When lesson planning wins over meal planning.” What a relief it is to be able to grab takeout after a busy day of teaching.

printable teacher newspaper with pencils and apple

Printable Teacher Newspaper from Somewhat Simple: This end of the year teacher newspaper is another adorable way for kids to say thank you to their teachers. It includes a checklist, a fill-in-the-blank section, and a drawing area so your child can draw a picture of his or her teacher.

thanks for making learning so sweet candy bar wrapper

Printable Candy Bar Wrappers from Urban Bliss Life: Teachers deserve a little chocolate for all their hard work. These printable candy bar wrappers are a cute way to gift a yummy treat to your favorite educator.

superhero candy bar printables for teacher appreciation

Superhero Candy Bar Printables from Artsy Momma: Speaking of chocolate, these superhero candy bar printables are the cutest teacher gifts you’ll ever see. The kids can make their superhero look just like their teacher by adjusting their hair and eye color. But don’t worry if you don’t have yarn—you can make the hair out of colored paper instead.

target gift card printable

Target Gift Card Printable from Bitz & Giggles: Who doesn’t love Target? A Target gift card gives teachers the choice of splurging on themselves or restocking on school supplies if needed. In other words, a Target card never goes to waste!

such a treat printable teacher gift card holders

Such a Treat Teacher Gift Card Holder from Simple Everyday Mom: This gift card printable is perfect for a smoothie restaurant or perhaps even a local bakery or candy store. There’s also an option for the teacher’s aid.

one smart cookie teacher gift card holder

One Smart Cookie Gift Card Holder from Artsy-Fartsy Mama: It’s not your ordinary gift card holder. This “smart cookie” holder expands so kids can write their favorite memories, what they’ve learned, etc. What a fun way to add a personal touch to a gift card.

thanks for bee-lieving in us teacher sign gift

Fingerprint Teacher Gift from Primary Playground: Fingerprint gifts make wonderful keepsakes. Both the bee and butterfly options are super cute. This makes a terrific gift from the class, but if you can’t get everyone together, you can have your child cover it in their own fingerprint bees or butterflies instead.

one teacher printable in frame on desk

One Teacher Printable Artwork from Amy Latta Creations: This inspirational and motivational artwork is perfect for teachers. Add a beautiful frame, and you’re all set.

student interview teacher appreciation printable

Student Interview Teacher Appreciation Printable from The Suburban Mom: This cute printable asks kids questions about the time they’ve spent with their teachers. Kids can fill in the blanks to prompts about their favorite memory, the favorite thing about their teacher, etc. How sweet!

subway gift card holder for substitute teacher appreciation

Substitute Teacher Gift Card Holder from Somewhat Simple: If your kiddo had a substitute teacher, especially for an extended period, you might want to give that teacher a gift, too! This Subway gift card holder reads, “You’re the best sub!” How fun!

amazon gift card holder for teacher appreciation week

Amazon Gift Card Holder from Leap of Faith Crafting: Give the fantastic teachers in your life the gift of an Amazon card. They can get something fun for themselves or save it for supplies during the back to school season.

take note printable gift tag

Take Note Printable Gift Tag from Happy Go Lucky: Use this “take note” tag (or one of the others) to gift a notebook, sticky notes, or paper to your child’s teacher. It would also make an excellent tag for a teacher planner.

packet of seed gift tag for teachers

Packet of Seeds Gift Tag from Giggles Galore: Teachers who love to garden will appreciate this unique gift! Flower seeds are a lovely choice, but don’t overlook herbs or veggies, either, for the green thumb educators.

child holding thank you for being my teacher printable

Thank You for Being My Teacher Printable from Mama Papa Bubba: This is similar to the other printables for kids to fill out about their teachers, but this one is uniquely cute in that kids are asked to draw themselves and their teachers together. How adorable is that?

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Don’t Forget to Pin These Teacher Appreciation Printables For Later!

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Teacher Appreciation Printables

Don’t forget to pin this list of teacher appreciation printables to make them easier to find next year!

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