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These cute DIY felt plushies are super easy to make! They make great gift ideas and are easy to turn into keychains, ornaments, home decorations, and MORE!

homemade felt plushies collage graphic

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You don’t have to be handy with a sewing machine to make these incredibly creative goods from around the web! Find inspiration within this awesome list of 30+ DIY felt fabric plushies, perfect for gifting to friends and family members! Most of these cute projects don’t require many materials to make, and have very simple sewing patterns that even beginners can follow. 

There are tons of adorable felt animals, dolls, home decor, and handmade pieces that would make lovely Christmas ornaments or keychain gifts. Creative entrepreneurs could even market some of these extra special goods at their next craft fair or on the Etsy app. Kids will love some of the easy felt animal patterns and diy kits that are perfect for kickstarting creative little minds! Let’s get started on a cute DIY felt plushie today!

How To Get Started Making DIY Plushies With Felt:

simple sewing supplies

Good news! Crafting any one of these sweet softie plushies typically only requires a few common craft supplies you may already have at home.

Commonly Used Felt Plushie DIY Materials:

NOTE: If you don’t have any stuffing available for your plushies, you can substitute by using cotton balls or leftover cut-up felt scraps. Additionally, if you lack sewing skills, many of these projects can be held together with hot glue around the seam areas instead.

30+ DIY Plushies Made with Felt

These totally adorable and easy-to-make projects will make sweet keepsakes for you and your family for years to come.

simple squirrel felt plush with books and toys

Squirrel Plush

Squirrel Plush from The Yellow Birdhouse: Toddlers and little guys will love having this soft squirrel plushie to snuggle with while reading their favorite book.

cute small bunny felt plushie with pink pen

Bunny Plushie

Bunny Plushie from Mommy Musings: This great beginner friendly craft just requires two separate colors of felt to make this adorable bunny friend! There’s a super handy printable template included so you can quickly trace and then cut out your felt pieces. So cute!

easy felt pikachu DIY plushie

Pikachu Felt Plushie

Pikachu Felt Plushie from Busy Mommy Media: Kids will enjoy making this fun craft idea with parents or teachers. These cute little Pikachu DIY felt plushies make great gifts and party favors, too!

diy no sew felt halloween plushies

Halloween Felt Plushies

Halloween Felt Plushies from One Little Project: These simple Halloween plushies make some seriously cute spooky decor! And, the best part – they are no-sew! So kids of all ages can help cut and shape these festive felt creations.

simple rainbow felt plushie kids can make with a pair of scissors

Plushie Rainbow

Plushie Rainbow from The Homespun Hydrangea: Do you have a toddler or preschooler on your hands? Making this great rainbow craft is the perfect activity for color recognition and gives small kids a good opportunity to practice their scissor work. It doesn’t require any hand sewing and the end result is totally squishable!

girl holding diy fox plushie doll

Felt Fox Doll

Felt Fox Doll on Amazon: Kids can craft their very own friend from this cute fox doll craft kit on Amazon. A neat gift idea for a young girl!

cute brown and white kitty cat plushie

Kitty Cat Plushie

Kitty Cat Plushie from Artsy Craftsy Mom: You can customize a whole bunch of these cute kitty cat plushies in your favorite colors of felt using this fun tutorial. They’re a sweet gift idea for a cat lover!

two big eyed felt plushie owls

Felt Owls

Felt Owls by Easy Things to Sew: These starry eyed owls are a good way to use up leftover fabric scraps and felt pieces! They would make a great addition to Fall table decor, too.

Kuchi Kopi Felt Plushie

DIY Kuchi Kopi Felt Plushie by Nerd Craftopia: Give this easy DIY felt plushie gift to your favorite Bob’s Burger fan! It takes minimal supplies and only about 30 minutes to complete this cute, handmade Kuchi Kopi plushie!

felt mini treats sewing plushie kit

Mini Treat Kit

Mini Treat Kit on Amazon: These are some of the cutest foods I’ve ever seen! This crafting kit includes enough material to make 16 plushies, which is perfect for a crafty kid or adult!

easy felt gnomes sewing craft for kids and adults

Felt Gnomes

Felt Gnomes by Mommy Made That: Gnomes are everywhere these days! They’re so trendy and easy to craft with all ages. Make a gnome for every season just by swapping the color pattern for something more festive(like pink with hearts for Valentine’s Day!). They’re super versatile!

DIY baby yoda felt plushie

Baby Yoda Plush

Baby Yoda Plush from The Purple Pumpkin Blog: Star Wars fans will LOVE this felt item! Use the free printable template and craft along using the fantastic tutorial video to make this super simple kids toy. Attach a loop and you’ve got a cool keychain!

mini felt teddy bears in doll house furniture

Mini Teddy Bears

Mini Teddy Bears from All Mom Does: How sweet are these custom crafted Teddies?! They make fantastic Christmas gifts to slip into children’s stockings, or to handout to classrooms or at children’s hospitals.

easy to sew pocket pal plushies in hand

Pocket Pals

Pocket Pals from My Poppet: These smiley pocket pals require such a small amount of material to make them, and they are super easy to tuck away into your backpack, purse, or pocket. A pocket pal can be just the remedy for fussy children who need something soft to squish and distract them.

felt frog plushies easy sewing craft

Felt Frog Plushies

Felt Frog Plushies from Molly and Mama: Every little princess needs a frog! These little kawaii plushies are the perfect gift idea for a teen girl or anyone. They do require a fair bit of sewing, but the pieces are mostly small and easy to sew together quickly.

diy dinosaur felt plushies

DIY Dinosaur Plushies

DIY Dinosaur Plushies by The Craftaholic Witch: Use whatever fun colors you want to make this cute little dino pop! It will be your little dino fans favorite snuggly toy before long.

diy trolls plushies in various characters from Trolls movie

Trolls Characters

Trolls Characters from Oh Yay Studio: These Trolls characters make an excellent gift idea for any Trolls movie fans, and would be a fantastic party favor to hand out at a Trolls themed birthday party!

a pink and black and white penguin softie plushie with puff balls

Penguin Softies

Penguin Softies by Felt With Love Designs: These fun, mini felt softies are the perfect addition to DIY Christmas decor and would make an awesome garland or ornaments for your Christmas tree!

pocket mouse soft plushie

Pocket Mice

Pocket Mice by Rhythms of Play: This fun beginner sewing project makes a great comfort object for people of all ages. I think my cats would love them, too!

cute silly felt plushies in hands

Silly Felt Plushies

Silly Felt Plushies by Instructables: Use the free printable template to print and cut out your felt animal shapes, then have fun decorating and customizing your character using buttons or fabric scraps, googly eyes and a hot glue gun. They’re really fun to get carried away with!

diy narwhal plushies

Narwhal Plush

Narwhal Plush by The Inspiration Edit: These super cute narwhal plushies make a lovely inexpensive gift idea for anyone!

felt mushroom plushies in orange and red

Felt Mushrooms

Felt Mushrooms on Easy Things to Sew: Make a pair of adorable felt plushie mushrooms to go with your Springtime or Fall decor. They are so simple, yet so cute!

diy disney princess felt dolls

DIY Disney Princesses

DIY Disney Princesses from Oh Yay Studio: Your little princess definitely needs a custom DIY Disney princess plushie like these ones. Make your favorite princesses together, or if you can’t pick just one(like me!), make them ALL!

blue felt whale diy plushie

Whale Plushie

Whale Plushie from Happiest Camper: This easy diy plushie is sure to be a whale of a good time! It would go great in a set with the sweet smiling narwhal plushie from above, too.

unicorn felt sewing project for kids and adults

Unicorn Plushie

Unicorn Plushie from Sugar Spice and Glitter: Little girls will adore their very own soft unicorn plushie friend to snuggle with!

felt llama softie plushie with pom poms

Felt Llama

Felt Llama by Felt With Love Designs: Llamas are ALL the rage lately and I’m totally here for it! This little guy would make a cute addition to a purse or backpack.

donuts felt food tutorial item

Donut Plushies

Donut Plushies from Woo Jr: Use the printable pattern to create this delectable donut plushie, perfect for playing pretend food or kitchen with!

DIY Koala plushie with paper bamboo tree

DIY Koala Plushie

DIY Koala Plushie by Frugal Mom, Eh!: Now this is a koala-ty plushie! Koalas would make the cutest finger puppets for kids to play with. Craft a cute little bamboo frond to go with it, too.

my neighbor totoro felt plushies

My Neighbor Totoro Plushies

My Neighbor Totoro Plushies by The Craftaholic Witch: My kids love watching this Studio Ghibli classic, and would be thrilled to make each one of these anime inspired plushies. They’re so simple and cute!

chocolate chip cookie felt plushies and glass of milk

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Creating Creatives: Little hands can get great cutting and sewing practice with these easy to make chocolate chip cookie plushies. You can even skip the sewing portion and just use hot glue to finish this project. Easy!

diy felt dolphin soft plushie

Dolphin Plushie

Dolphin Plushie by Happiest Camper: Splash into a new craft project with this happy little dolphin plushie. A fun idea to take along with you on a beach trip or road trip.

diy felt robots in the garden

DIY Robot Plushies

DIY Robot Plushies by 5 Out of 4: Aren’t these friendly little robots so huggable and squishable?! Make a robot for each one of your besties!

oogie boogie plush ornament

Oogie Boogie Plush

Oogie Boogie Plush from Single Girls DIY: This Nightmare Before Christmas plush makes a fantastic gift or ornament for the Christmas(or Halloween!) tree.

If you enjoyed this fun list of handmade felt plushies, be sure to take a peek at our incredible list of DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments, too! They’re a great use of any leftover felt scraps.

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