Need a quick and easy Thanksgiving kids craft? These adorable turkey windsocks made from a recycled tin can, ribbon, Elmer’s glue, and crafty odds and ends are the cutest Thanksgiving turkeys around! 

thanksgiving kids craft turkey windsocks
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We recently shared a list of 30+ Easy Fall Kids Crafts That Anyone Can Make, and today we’re adding one more quick kids’ craft to the repertoire with these easy Thanksgiving Turkey Windsocks! This adorable Thanksgiving craft comes together in under 30 minutes (excluding drying time) and makes a sweet addition to your fall holiday decor. 

Supplies Needed to Make Turkey Windsocks:

  • Recycled Food Can (cleaned and dried, with top and bottom removed)
  • Brown Paint
  • Elmer’s CraftBond Quick Dry Glue
  • Elmer’s Medium Tip Painters Pen, Orange
  • Large Googly Eyes
  • Ribbons in Fall Colors
  • Feathers, Felt, and/or Construction Paper in Fall Colors (can mix and match)
  • Masking Tape, optional
supplies for making turkey windsocks

For this project, there are lots of different options in material choices that can be mixed and matched to create your craft. In our example windsocks, we used construction paper and feathers for the turkey’s feathers, but you could also use felt, crepe paper, leaves, or other similar supplies that you may already have on-hand.

turkey windsocks with cut out paper noses

Start by painting the can brown and allowing it to dry completely before using the Painters marker to draw the turkey’s beak.

elmer\'s glue next to easy turkey windsock thanksgiving craft

Attach the googly eyes to the can using Elmer’s CraftBond Quick Dry glue.

kids activity turkey windsocks being assembled

Run a thick line of glue inside the rim at the back side of the can, and attach the turkey’s tail “feathers” (made from actual feathers, construction paper, felt, etc.). Note: if the interior rim of your can has sharp edges, you can cover it with a layer or two of masking tape to protect your fingers!

cute turkey craft item with glue and cut out strips of fall colored paper

Cut 10-15 pieces of ribbon approximately 18″ in length.

thanksgiving craft turkey windsocks with hanging strips of paper being glued to bottom

Run another thick line of Elmer’s CraftBond glue around the entire inside rim at the bottom of the can, and use the glue to attach the ribbon streamers. Allow to dry completely.

adorable thanksgiving craft for kids, turkey windsock

Use the glue to attach a red wattle (made of felt or paper) and a ribbon for hanging.

turkey windsock hanging from tree in yard

Easy peasy and super cute!

cute turkey craft for kids hanging up in tree
popular thanksgiving kids craft idea, turkey windsocks

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  1. Thank you or sharing. Some of the children in an aftercare program made these. We adjusted some supplies to use what we had on hand. THey liked the outcome. They were pleasantly surprised that an old van could be changed to something they liked.

    1. I used a can opener on the bottom of the can. If you find that you have any sharp edges on the inside, I would recommend covering over them with a strip of duct tape. 🙂

      1. Did you use an electric can opener? A Manuel one does not work without shredding the can and making it unsafe

      2. We used a regular manual hand-operated can opener, and ours cut cleanly, but if you find that yours is cutting sharply, I recommend using a pair of pliers to flatten any raised edges and then covering the inner lip of the can with several layers of duct tape to protect little hands.