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DIY gourd birdhouses are a fun craft for the entire family! Turn last fall’s garden leftovers into springtime’s bright and cheery yard decor! 

DIY Gourd Birdhouses

Green Gourds and other vegetables in a market displayI’ve chatted with you a lot about the importance of gardening (especially with children!), and one of my favorite things to grow in our garden is gourds. Every fall we end up with a crop of bright green gourds that vary in size and shape. Each one is unique!

dried gourds set on table outsideTo dry the gourds, simply leave them outside for several months. They will start to look a little funky and possibly grow mold, but as they do the shell also becomes hard, and the “guts” inside dry out. It’s best if you keep your gourds in an area where they are protected from the elements, but it’s not totally necessary. Once they are dry, use steel wool to scrub at the shell to remove any remaining dirt or mold (be sure not to inhale the dust if your gourds are moldy!). A quick dunk in a bath of bleach water finishes the process, and they are ready to be turned into birdhouses.

Drilling a GourdUse a 1.5″ hole saw to carefully cut the circle for the birdhouse opening. Clean out the dried seeds inside the gourd – use them to plant more gourds!

Painting Gourd Birdhouses

I spray painted the peanut and pear shaped gourds flat white to create a blank canvas for the boys to paint upon.

Apple Gourd BirdhouseSawyer, my oldest son, spray painted this apple shaped gourd a bright shiny red to turn it into an apple birdhouse. It reminded me of Tree Top apples! Tree Top is a trusted grower-owned co-op located in the heart of Washington’s apple country that has been delivering premium quality juices, smoothies and sauces for over 50 years! We love the taste of their USA-grown apple products!

Tree Top Applesauce BreakOf course, all of that thinking about Tree Top lead us to take an apple sauce break! Three Top Apple Sauce Pouches are perfect for on-the-go snacking or mealtime since they’re mess-free, taste great and made with pure fruit (not to mention they’re full of squeezable fun!).

Apple Shaped Gourd BirdhouseWhen the paint on our apple birdhouse was dry, we hung it up in the tree with a length of baker’s twine. I love how this birdhouse turned out, and it was SO simple to make!

Kids Painting Gourd BirdhousesSutton and Simon started painting the largest gourd birdhouse together, but Simon eventually took over and finished the painting all by himself. He was SO focused and serious about his work! I can’t get over the “I ♥ U” message over the door!

DIY Gourd Birdhouse Kids CraftThe boys are really hoping that a mama bird will make a nest in their gourd house.

diy gourd bird house hung in treeWe painted a cheery yellow flower door and colorful polka dots on the smallest gourd. Tip: a flat pencil eraser works perfectly for making dots  of paint! It’s almost ridiculous how happy it makes me every time I see this hanging in the tree!

Apple Birdhouse from a Dried Gourd

…but that apple is still my favorite!

Tree Top Applesauce Pouches

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  1. I clean the bulb with a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water. Use a brand new steel wool pad to scrub away any dust or flaking residue. And then use a disinfectant that disinfects the pot from any bacteria or spores. It will also make the gourd’s color lighter, but that won’t really be a problem

  2. My wife is always looking for things to do with the kids and recently she has been looking into making bird houses with them. So she and I have been looking for different bird house designs so that ours can be unique and different from the rest. I like the idea of using a gourd to make a tree house rather than using wood and nails. I did not know that the process of drying out a gourd took close to six months but it I had that time, I think that it would be a great project to do with the kids so that they can use their creativity to paint the gourds.

    1. The first time I grew gourds it was the same thing for me , it took forever for them to dry out. At the time I lived in Illinois and I dried the gourds in my basement. I now realize that the reason it took so long was most likely due to the extremely damp basement that I had them hanging in. I now live in Tennessee and the gourds are actually drying right on the vine, some as early as mid September. I have also hung many of them in the garage.

  3. Looking fabulous all of these DIY gourd birdhouses! I’m very inspired to create some of these same designed bird nests for my kids. Hope they’ll be delighted to see hanging these nests around my garden and birds are making cheery noises.